6 ways to help during Hunger Action Month

A woman places a bag of food in a car.
September 1, 2021
by Paul Morello

This September, communities across America are committing to fight hunger during Hunger Action Month. With every action, we get one step closer to making hunger a thing of the past.

Not sure how to participate in Hunger Action Month? You can learn, commit and speak up with these six easy ways to get involved.

1. Take the pledge to help end hunger

Food shouldn't be a privilege, it should be a right. But, in America, millions of people face hunger every single day. We can all make a difference - and that impact starts with little actions. Take the first step with us and pledge to help end hunger in your community.

2. Learn and share the latest hunger facts

Some people believe that hunger isn’t an issue in America. But that simply isn’t true. Every county in the United States struggles with food insecurity, and during the pandemic, food banks have been serving even more people. Learn about hunger in your community and then share with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Fundraise for Hunger Action Month

Invite your friends and family to join in the fight to end hunger by donating to your local food bank or to Feeding America. Join our Hunger Action Month fundraiser and Unlock prizes as you fundraise. You can also compete against your friends and family for a shot at the coveted "Golden Veggie Trophy" which goes to the highest fundraiser. Looking for a different There are plenty of other easy ways to fundraise, including starting a Facebook fundraiser.

4. Become a regular food bank or food pantry volunteer

Over half of all soup kitchens, food pantries, and meal programs in the Feeding America network rely on volunteer support. Spending a few hours each month volunteering can make an enormous difference for food banks and the families they serve. Pledge to volunteer, then find your local food bank and sign up!

5. Donate to Feeding America or your local food bank

Your donation to Feeding America or one of our member food banks keeps hunger relief programs across the country running smoothly. While donating food may seem like the best thing to do to help your local food bank, the Feeding America network of food banks can do even more with a monetary donation. Make a one-time or monthly donation in honor of Hunger Action Month.

6. Tell our lawmakers to support strong federal food assistance programs

Every day, Feeding America and food banks across the country are working to ensure our neighbors facing hunger have enough food to eat. But, we can't do it without strong federal food assistance programs. In fact, for every meal Feeding America provides, SNAP provides nine. During Hunger Action Month, speak up with us to ensure our neighbors have the food they need, every day.