Dr. Janet Vargo

Dr. Janet Vargo
Janet's Story
New Jersey

For the last decade, Dr. Janet Vargo has been a generous supporter of Feeding America. She is a champion in the fight to end hunger. “We have so many resources in this country, there is no excuse for anyone to be hungry,” Dr. Vargo said.

Dr. Vargo advises companies and negotiated with regulatory bodies on clinical trial designs and regulatory strategies for innovative, state-of-the-art devices, diagnostics, biomarkers, biologics, and combination products. In addition to designing and executing pivotal clinical studies, she evaluates early phase clinical and non-clinical data to help inform pivotal study designs, and evaluates new business opportunities from clinical, regulatory, and key stakeholder adoption perspectives.

Through, Vargo Regulatory and Clinical Consulting, LLC, Dr. Vargo donates to Feeding America to help reduce food insecurity in the U.S. When a person is experiencing hunger, nothing else matters at that time.  By providing resources for individuals and families facing hunger, we can help neighbors build a stronger foundation and enable children to thrive.  

Food waste is a major concern for Dr. Vargo. After researching charitable organizations, she came across Feeding America’s work and was impressed by the sustainable approaches the organization takes to utilize food that already exists and transport it to our neighbors in need. An estimated 72 billion pounds of food are thrown away each year. With the support of generous donors like Dr. Vargo, we can connect with food industry partners to rescue food across all points of the supply chain including farmers, agri-processors, manufacturers and distributors, retail grocers and restaurants, convenience stores and cafes. 

“I can trust Feeding America to best turn my dollars into food going to the people who really need it,” Dr. Vargo said. To date, Dr. Vargo has provided the equivalent of more than 725,000 meals to help people in communities nationwide. 

On behalf of the entire Feeding America network, we sincerely thank Dr. Vargo for her partnership in hunger relief. 

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