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Give A Meal With Bank of America

42 million people in America struggle with hunger. Many are working families, children and the elderly. Join Feeding America, in partnership with Bank of America, and connect families and communities in need to hope.

For every $1 you donate, Bank of America will match your donation with $2* more.

  • Real Stories: Derek from St. Louis

    “I’ve been a single dad to my three children for the last six years. I work full time in security. I work nights so I can be there for my kids during the day. Even though I’m working and doing well, I still always come up short – between paying for clothes, insurance, school supplies. It’s a humbling experience, going to a food pantry, but you got to do what you’ve got to do to feed my kids. Since I found the food pantry, I’ve never had to worry about my children going hungry."

  • Real Stories: Stephanie and David from San Diego

    “We first found out about the food pantry while I was volunteering at my children’s school. I had never ever heard of a food pantry before – nonetheless been to one … We get fresh fruit and vegetables that would be very hard to afford otherwise. I know that soon our family will be out of this tough time, but I will always be grateful that the food pantry provided us with extra help when we needed it most."

  • Real Stories: Blenda from Gibson

    "A few years ago, I was given guardianship over my two grandchildren, Aaron and Carson. At the time I had enough money to feed myself, but suddenly I had two growing boys to feed too. Even though I was working full time and living off retirement savings, my income was not going to be enough. Food was going to be a problem. I sent my boys to a summer program that provided them with free breakfast, lunch and sometimes a little bag of food to take home on the weekends. This help made all the difference."

  • Real Stories: Thomas and Chrisje from Augusta

    "I would not have made it to this place without help from the food pantry. It helped me to provide for my family as I finished up school – and thus allowed me to take my next step into medicine and becoming an emergency room physician. I want to be there for people when they need it most – similar to how the food pantry was there for us when we had nowhere else to turn."