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Research & facts about hunger in America
Our landmark research study Map the Meal Gap takes a look at overall and child hunger down to the county level.
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Hunger In America
Feeding America’s study about the response to hunger. One in 7 people in our nation utilize our network of food banks. Learn More
Latino Hunger Research
Partnering with the Urban Institute, Feeding America examined food assistance for Latino children and how federal programs help this population. Learn More
Many Americans need help w/ food & rely on local food banks as supplemental food source
Food Banks: Hunger’s New Staple, details the frequency of clients’ visits to food pantries. It suggests that families no longer visit “emergency food” sources for temporary relief, but rely on food pantries as a supplemental food source. Learn More
Senior Health
The Spotlight on Senior Health: Adverse Health Outcomes of Food Insecure Older Americans research study documents the health and nutrition implications of food insecurity among seniors aged 60 and older. Learn More
In Short Supply
The research project, entitled, In Short Supply: American Families Struggle to Secure Everyday Essentials, found that one in three low-income American families struggles to afford basic non-food household goods. Learn More
The primary role of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is to review and provide ongoing feedback on Feeding America research projects in order to ensure our ability to deliver the highest quality of information to food ba​nks and other service providers within the Feeding America network. Learn More
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