The Impact of Hunger & Food Insecurity

In America, hunger, food insecurity, and poverty affects people of all walks of life. The productivity of our country would greatly improve if we addressed this root issue and was able to help feed everyone in need. The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks help families across the nation get the support they need to find nutritious food to eat.


Food insecurity in America.
Hunger and poverty often go hand in hand, but poverty is not the ultimate determinant of food insecurity. Learn about Hunger and Poverty
Child Hunger: Food insecurity is devastating to children like this. Learn more about child hunger.
Food insecurity is harmful to all people, but it is particularly devastating to children. Proper nutrition is critical to a child’s development. Learn about Child Hunger
Senior Hunger: The senior population is heavily impacted by food insecurity
Seniors face a number of unique medical and mobility challenges that put them at a greater risk of food insecurity. Learn about Senior Hunger
African America poverty & food insecurity rates in America
While hunger has no boundaries - African Americans are more than twice as likely to suffer from food insecurity as their white, non-Hispanic counterparts. Learn about African-American Hunger
Latino Hunger: The Hispanic population, is heavily impacted by food insecurity.
The Latino population has nearly doubled in the past decade and Latino communities are disproportionately impacted by food insecurity, poverty and unemployment. Learn about Latino Hunger
Rural Hunger
The irony is that many food-insecure households are in the very rural and farm communities whose productivity feeds the world and provides low-cost wholesome food for American consumers. Learn More About Rural Hunger
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