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Feeding America supports a variety of federal food assistance programs that help feed Americans struggling with hunger. In addition to anti-hunger programs, Feeding America also works on federal tax policies that help get more food to food banks.

However, we realize it may seem a bit like alphabet soup with so many program acronyms. Let us help you decode it. Use our chart to learn how the food assistance programs differ and who they are each meant for. Then dig deeper into each program by following the linked acronym.

AcronymFull NameBrief DescriptionMoms & KidsFostering NutritionSenior HungerSupplying Foodbanks
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Provides timely, targeted, and temporary benefits to low-income Americans to buy groceries. Checked Checked Checked  


The Emergency Food Assistance Program Provides USDA commodities to families in need of short-term hunger relief through emergency food providers like food banks. Checked Checked Checked Checked
CSFP The Commodity Supplemental Food Program Provides food assistance for low-income seniors with a monthly package of healthy USDA commodities.   Checked Checked Checked
CACFP The Child and Adult Care Food Program Provides nutritious meals and snacks to children and adults in designated child and adult care centers. Checked Checked Checked  
NSLP The National School Lunch Program Provides nutritionally balanced lunch to qualified children each school day. Checked Checked    
SBP The School Breakfast Program Provides nutritionally balanced breakfast to qualified children each school day. Checked Checked    
SFSP The Summer Food Service Program Provides free meals and snacks to low-income children during the summer months. Checked Checked    
WIC Women, Infants, and Children Provides nutritious foods and nutrition education for low-income, at risk women, infants. Checked Checked    

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