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Insights on solutions and contributors to hunger, and the lives of Americans in need from Feeding America and network food bank staff and guest contributors.

Thursday, Apr 30 2015
When food donations arrive at Feeding America food banks across the U.S., they aren’t always ready to hit food pantry shelves. Sometimes, the packaging or labeling needs a little extra care before food banks are able to safely distribute it to the people they serve.
Tuesday, Apr 28 2015
In December of last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer with my Feeding America team at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD).
Saturday, Apr 25 2015
Each month, 2 million volunteers dedicate more than 8 million hours of time to food programs across the Feeding America network. This means that millions of individuals donate time to the well-being of their neighbors and to make the world a little bit better than it was the day before.
Friday, Apr 24 2015
Unilever is committed to working with Feeding America to end hunger by reducing waste sent to landfills and instead rescuing food that can be donated to local food banks.
Food Waste_300x300
Wednesday, Apr 22 2015
More and more often, the topic of food waste is being included in conversations about the environment. It makes sense when you consider that up to 40 percent of the good, safe food produced in America today never makes it to people’s plates. Instead that 40 percent – or 70 million tons – goes to waste.
BJ Volunteers
Monday, Apr 20 2015
When retailers have the chance to walk into a food bank to lend their skills to volunteer they become even more aware of the need and more passionate about the cause.
Caridad Composting_300x300
Saturday, Apr 18 2015
Food waste can be a very real problem for food banks and community kitchens. At the community kitchen sponsored by Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, they work hard to use every bit of food donated.
Wednesday, Apr 15 2015
Nielsen’s data on food pricing helps estimate the gap – how big the food budget shortfall really is in dollars, a metric people can u
Saturday, Apr 11 2015
Jess is a regular volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida in Orlando. She developed her passion for fighting hunger by volunteering with a group of friends a couple of times a year. Now, Jess has now launched her own challenge to volunteer at all 200 Feeding America member food banks across the U.S.
Volunteer Captains_300x300
Monday, Apr 6 2015
Outside of traditional volunteer opportunities like sorting and packaging food donations, there are three unique opportunities we offer to our community – volunteering at the Incredible Edible Farm, in Izzy’s Corner, the children’s area of our warehouse or becoming a volunteer captain.
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