My 12 year old daughter, Meagan, started Books For Bedtime in 2014, when she was 11. It is now a 501c3. She collects gently used and new books, and distributes them to children who do not have access to books. Around Columbus, Ohio, she has donated 7,500 books. She lets each child pick out a book of his or her own, and she gives an inspirational speech about how important reading is! Meagan recognizes that often families must choose between buying food or driving to the library, and has given around 1,000 books to a local food pantry, Neighborhood Services, Inc.

While the families wait to receive their food, they can choose out books, and read while they wait, and then take the books home! It has been a wonderful partnership! Books For Bedtime has raised $300, but so many people have benefited already! Through Volunteer Match, Meagan has worked with a website designer, who has designed a new website,! Things are growing, and getting bigger and better! And, all of this because an 11 year old girl wanted to make a difference!

You can make a difference. Give today.

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