Marysville, WA

I jokingly say that I raised a husband and 7 children. My husband died after 48 years of marriage and I was suddenly alone for the first time in my life. For a year I was miserable, and my health suffered. I told myself "JoAnn, you have to do something that will give you a reason to get up in the morning." I chose to volunteer at our local food bank. Now I have hundreds of families to care for. I have been there for 8 years now, and I thank God every day for sending me there. I am also the volunteer coordinator, and have made many very close friends with other volunteers. I love my life again.

My daughter wanted to see why I was spending so much time at the food bank. She started volunteering, and got hooked too. She eventually started the "Food For Thought" back pack program there. Her husband and two sons also volunteer. It's a family thing now.

You can make a difference. Give today.

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