FEED 1000
Providence, RI
The employees from Pawtucket based PMG, Inc. joined the team from the Rhode Island Convention Center Complex for the 3rd Annual FEED 1000. This event is where volunteers and donors come together to feed the homeless and less fortunate in Rhode Island during the Holiday season. In 2014, we had a record breaking number of 2,200 attendees in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. FEED 1000 served over 800 pounds of chicken, 500 pounds of potatoes, 600 pounds of vegetables & ham. In addition to having a fine dining experience, attendees also receive new coats, back packs filled with toiletries, hats, mittens, scarves and blankets. Children also were able to meet Santa Clause, where they received a new toy for Christmas. Not only do our attendees receive some items to help them stay warm throughout the winter months, they receive many beneficial health serves donated from organizations throughout the state. Free flu shots are provided to those who attend and are even offered job training services. In 2014, Donnie and Marie Osmond stopped by the Rhode Island Convention Center to sing a few bars of "I'm a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit Rock and Roll" for our quests, and also invited anyone who attended to a FREE concert that night inside the Dunkin' Donuts Center. This year, FEED 1000 is expecting an attendance of 2,500 people. FEED 1000 & the Rhode Island Convention Center Complex will continue to make this an annual event here in Rhode Island.

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