Mission, KS

My family of four used to receive Food Stamps. In fact, we benefited from them several times over the years, dating back when they came in a booklet of coupons rather than the debit cards used today. I also stood in line every Friday to receive food from the local Salvation Army for over a year.

Eventually a neighbor started a small food pantry in our town. It was literally a pantry, in that she stored the food in a spare closet. We received food from her, and when I was able I donated to share with others.I also helped promote what this woman was doing on her own, out of her own house. We finally reached a point where we no longer needed to receive food but that didn't stop me from making donations and spreading the word.

She is gone now, but the food pantry she started from her own money in her own home is now run by the local city council and is going strong. It's proof that one person can really make a difference to a lot of people.

You can make a difference. Give today.

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