Share and call-in to help end summer hunger
June 23, 2015
by Robb Friedlander

On September 30, the child nutrition bill will expire and it’s time Congress got to work.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization sets funding levels for all of the federal school meal and child nutrition programs, which ensures our children have access to healthy and nutritious food. Programs in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization touch millions of American children every day, allowing every child a chance to live a healthy and hunger-free life.

We need you to help pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year by calling your member of Congress today at 888-398-8702.

You might be thinking, “I am just one person in a country of 318 million people and millions of special interest dollars – how much power do I really have to fight hunger?”

This is often the most-asked question I receive. Many have the feeling that, as hard as we try, our voices are not heard in Washington, D.C. That no matter what we do as ordinary citizens, unless our pocketbooks are deep enough to influence elections we are mute to our elected officials. While I sympathize with these sentiments, the facts and truths of our democracy prove otherwise.

The Congressional Management Foundation is a non-partisan organization that enhances the public’s understanding of how Congress really works by providing a window into our democratic intuitions through unique relationships with lawmakers and their staff. According to its in-depth research with elected officials and their staff, when asked how much a constituent phone call influences the lawmakers position on a policy – 88 percent of respondents affirmed that personal calls have influence on their views and votes on a specific policy.

Years of research continues to prove that despite our skepticism, our elected officials are listening and waiting for our call. As our senators, representatives and their staff wait by the phone – who will be on the other end of the line? If it is not our voices, it will surely be the voices of the special interests and those not committed to fighting hunger.

Today, as our movement to end hunger comes together to fight for every child’s right to live a healthy and hunger-free life, take two moments with me and dial 888-398-8702.

Call your member of Congress and tell them to pass a strong child nutrition bill that invests in and improves child nutrition programs so that our nation’s children have the fuel they need to grow up healthy and succeed. 

Make sure that today our voices and those voices of our nation’s children are heard as we fight to pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year.

*Robb Friedlander is an advocacy associate at Feeding America.

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