Setting a Healthy Foundation: The National Produce Program

March 14, 2012

At Feeding America, the health of our clients is something we have always taken deeply to heart. Increasing the access of nutritious food to struggling Americans is a top priority of the food bank network. Unfortunately, many nutritious foods are highly perishable. Promptly getting these important goods to those in need can be as complex as securing them.

To address this problem, Feeding America established the National Produce Program to increase the food bank network's capacity to handle fresh foods. This initiative has grown substantially, making produce the largest category of food handled in the network.

Over the last several years, Feeding America has nearly doubled the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables sourced throughout the network of more than 200 food banks and 61,000 agencies. During this time, mothers, fathers, children and seniors across the country have received more than 2.2 billion pounds of produce.

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