Love Thee Notre Dame…and Your Neighbor in Need

January 7, 2013

Must Have Legal Note of Neutrality: While Shannon Traeger is very Notre Dame enthusiastic, Feeding America as an organization does not favor one team to win the BCS National Championship over the other.

Today is game day for #1 Notre Dame as they take on #2 Alabama for the BCS National Championship. As a Notre Dame alumni myself, this Monday is proving to be harder than normal for me as I sit at my office desk in balmy 30 degree Chicago. As I type, I am writhing with jealousy because many of my friends and family are watching the game under the warm Miami sun.

Looking on the bright side of things, I am reminded that I am here—at work—with one mission in mind: to help end hunger in America. Both Notre Dame and Alabama have great pride, strength and school spirit, but after tonight's game, one school will have tremendous power.

To quote Spiderman's Uncle Ben, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

With this quote in mind, I would like to challenge my fellow Fightin' Irish fans to use our team's power and responsibility, and do our part in the fight against hunger. For right now in the United States, 1 in 6 Americans, including more than 1 in 5 children, live at risk of hunger—meaning they may not know where their next meal is coming from.

By the numbers:

  • According to Forbes via SeatGeak, "On December 28, 2012, the average price paid for a ticket to the [2013 BCS National Championship] game on resale markets was over $1,500."
  • Sun Life Stadium holds 75,540 people.
  • $1 donated to Feeding America helps provide 8 meals to those facing hunger.
  • If each one of the 75,540 people donated $1 to Feeding America, they could help Feeding America provide 604,320 meals to people facing hunger in the United States.

If donating money is not a possibility, then I encourage you to donate your time by volunteering at one of the 200 member food banks or 61,000 food assistance agencies within the Feeding America network. Notre Dame places great importance on public service and giving back to those in need.

According to Notre Dame's mission statement, "…the University seeks to cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice and oppression that burden the lives of so many."

Not only are we Irish fighting for a win tonight, but we can also help in the fight to end hunger in America. Each of us has an opportunity to help our neighbors in need. Help Feeding America fight hunger by donating funds or food, volunteering your time, or advocating for policies that protect families from hunger.

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