The Ad Council in collaboration with NBC and The Today Show created a weeklong series called "TODAY Takes Action," which featured the premiere of new television PSAs starring TODAY's anchors on behalf of social issues. Each anchor selected a different issue they feel strongly about, and participated in brainstorming up a creative way to relay its message.

Savannah Guthrie chose to focus her PSA on hunger prevention and involved Feeding America and our clients. Visiting a school in Connecticut, Savannah saw first-hand how hard it is for children struggling with hunger. She wanted to raise awareness of the fact that even in America 50 million people — including 1 in 5 kids — don't know where their next meal is coming from. To do so, Savannah decided to race around New York City setting up the biggest dinner party ever.

Watch the PSA below, or visit the TODAY show blog to learn more about "TODAY Takes Action."

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