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November 11, 2016
Food Pantries Try Nutritional Nudging To Encourage Good Food Choices—NPR The Salt

Nudging happens around you every day, even though you are probably not aware of it. Nudging means using subtle environmental cues to encourage certain behaviors. Grocery stores have mastered the use of nutritional nudges to encourage you to buy specific products. See how food banks have started to adopt nutritional nudges to encourage the consumption of nutritious and healthful foods. Read the Article »

How Schools Can Teach Kids to Value Food—The Christian Science Monitor

Although tackling food waste has long been a meaningful issue, in recent years it has increasingly taken the spotlight as an important cause. To insure the long-term success of reducing food waste and promoting food rescue, schools have an important role to play in teaching the next generation about the value of food. See how schools are stepping up to this task. Read the Article »

Poverty Wages For U.S. Child Care Workers May Be Behind High Turnover—NPR Health News

Finding quality childcare is a struggle for many Americans, which is made only more difficult by the fact that average pay for child care workers is less than $10 an hour. This means that childcare workers are often struggling with the additional stress of trying to make ends meet in their own lives. Learn more about how this low pay poses a major challenge in creating high-quality childcare in the U.S. Read the Article »

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