People enjoying choosing fresh produce at a mobile pantry.
August 19, 2016
by Emily Nelson


Why This Food Bank is Turning Away Junk Food | Civil Eats 
D.C.’s Capital Area Food Bank, the largest hunger-fighting organization in the nation’s capital, has put an end to distributing candy and other sugary treats. The food bank’s effort is part of Feeding America’s larger national shift towards focusing on providing healthy, fresh and nutritious food to people struggling with hunger. See the changes this food bank is making. Read the Article >>

Food Stamp Rolls Drop as States Decline Federally Funded Benefit | Bloomberg Politics 
SNAP enrollment (formally the food stamp program) in the U.S. is declining from record levels, in part because some states have decided to end waivers for some able-bodied recipients that were made available in the 2009 federal stimulus bill. Many of the people kicked off the program are struggling through the transition and local hunger relief organizations have subsequently seen demand for their services increase. Learn more about the toll this transition is taking on these communities. Read the Article >>

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