March 11, 2016
by Dan Michel

The SNAP Gap: Benefits Aren't Enough to Keep Many Recipients Fed | NPR

New research shows that the benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) does not cover a full month's worth of food for a family. More than one-third of recipients are using food pantries to make up the difference.

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How businesses and families can profit from reducing food waste, U.S. consumers could save $5.6B a year | CNBC

Most people inherently understand that food waste is bad but what are the business reasons? CNBC looks at what exactly happens economically, environmentally and sociologically to a society that does not get a handle on this problem.

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The Spotlight is on Feeding America | Food Waste Reduction Alliance

Feeding America is proud to partner with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance. As food banks are one solution to help reduce food waste in America, it is key that we collaborate with industry leaders to make sure that food that can still be used goes to people who need it. 

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