January 13, 2017

Amazon to Accept Food Stamps for Online Grocery Orders in Select States Through Federal Pilot Program | Geek Wire

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, helps provide families with their basic nutritional needs to get them through temporary hard times. In order to increase access to food, especially in areas lacking an easily accessible grocery store, the USDA is piloting a program to allow SNAP recipients to order groceries online. Learn more about how this program has the potential to dramatically increase access to nutritious food for SNAP recipients. Read the Article »

Poverty, Economic Inequality Are Big Concerns for US Mayors | Boston Globe

According to Boston University’s annual survey of more than 100 sitting mayors, mayors across the United States are increasingly focused on the issues of poverty and economic inequality. They have recognized that the rising cost of urban life threatens to make cities unaffordable. Learn more about the shifting focus of our country’s mayors to people struggling with poverty and hunger. Read the Article »

Poverty in San Diego County Higher Than During Great Recession | CBS

Data released last month by the Census Bureau supports that notion that having a job doesn't mean you don't need help. In San Diego, the numbers show that even as more people are finding work, more of them are falling into poverty due to low wages and underemployment. Learn more about how the “working poor” are increasing in number across America. Read the Article »

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