Hunger in the Elections

March 6, 2012

This post comes from Brett Weisel, our Advocacy Manager who is passionate (as we all are) about getting our leaders to not balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens.

Super Tuesday is upon us, and the results of tonight's primaries could finalize the long process of determining a Republican challenger to President Obama in November. No matter what your party affiliation, we can all agree that protecting our nation's hungry should be a top priority for not only our Presidential candidates but for elected officials at all levels of government.

That's why it's so important to listen to what your candidates are saying—or not saying in some cases—when it comes to addressing hunger in America. Deficit reduction measures, tax cuts, balancing the national budget—all of these play a significant role in the future of America's hunger relief and nutrition programs.

Help Us Make Hunger a Priority in 2012!

As Election Day approaches, both Parties will be drafting their own Party platforms, which help set the tone, priorities, and delineate the main issues of concern that each Party will address after the elections.

Help us make hunger in America a priority issue by submitting your ideas for how these Party platforms can protect hunger relief and nutrition programs.

Post your views to Feeding America's Facebook page [LINK], and get the word out via Twitter today [LINK]! For an idea of what you can post or tweet, we've provided some samples below.

Sample Facebook Post:

As Presidential candidates vie for the White House, each Party's platform must protect America's hungry by protecting vital food safety net programs. Cuts of any kind must not come at the expense of our nation's hungry. Let's raise our voices in this fight, and make hunger in America a priority issue in 2012.

Sample Tweet:

Party platforms must protect programs like TEFAP and SNAP. We cannot compromise critical food + nutrition programs. #EndHunger2012


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