Today, the House failed to pass the Farm Bill by a vote of 195 to 234.

Today, the House failed to pass the Farm Bill by a vote of 195 to 234. We can consider this vote a significant victory for Americans struggling with hunger. Over the past several days, we generated more than 2700 calls to Congress in opposition to the cuts to SNAP (food stamps). Thanks to everyone who stepped up by staying in regular communication with their Members of Congress throughout the process and mobilizing their local networks—your efforts clearly made a difference.

What happens next is uncertain. The House could go back to the drawing board and attempt to pass another bill with changes to nutrition and commodity policy that would allow them to garner more votes. Or Congress could resign itself to being unable to pass a bill with current politics and budgetary climate and do another extension before the bill expires on September 30, likely extracting some cuts along the way.

Feeding America will be gathering information from the Hill and consulting with partners in the days ahead and will continue to keep you updated as the process unfolds in the days and weeks ahead.

Now, the House will have to regroup and decide how to craft a bill that gets more votes. Don't wait—send Congress the message that the Farm Bill shouldn't increase hunger in America.

Thank you for giving a voice to hungry Americans!


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