Victoria, her husband and son.
May 8, 2016
by Teresa Gruber

Millions of women in America have a job that many would describe as immensely rewarding, yet at the same time more mentally, physically and emotionally challenging than any other job they’ve had before. These women are on call 24/7 and as part of this labor of love, and frequently spend all of their vacation time with the people they serve. To help pay the bills, these women must often juggle this job with another one that includes added responsibilities. These women are mothers, and today, Feeding America recognizes mothers for the deeply meaningful contributions they make to their families and to society.

On this Mother’s Day, Feeding America also acknowledges that while all mothers face unique pressures as they support the people that they love, mothers in food-insecure households face especially trying circumstances. Feeding America is committed to helping mothers in low-income households give their families the nutrients they need to help them build the best possible future for their families. Families like Victoria’s, who struggled to afford groceries after leaving behind steady work to move to another town to help care for an elderly mother and aunt. “We spent our savings on the move, and we now have five mouths to feed instead of three,” said Victoria, who is also caring for her three-year-old son as her husband looks for a new job. “By giving us nutritious staples to get through the month, [the food pantry] has turned a situation that could have been one of hopelessness and despair into a hopeful one – where we can feed our family and hold our heads up high through a difficult, but temporary, time.”

Feeding America’s partners are committed to helping us reach a growing number of struggling mothers and their families. In fact, Feeding America partners BoxLunch and US Foods each launched campaigns focused on helping food-insecure households this Mother’s Day. BoxLunch, a pop culture-themed retailer, donates 1 meal* to Feeding America for every $10 spent in-store or online all year, but in honor of Mother’s Day, it is generously doubling its donation for customers who spend $50 or more through Mother’s Day (May 8). This means that a $50 purchase unlocks a donation of 10 meals* instead of 5 meals.*

US Foods is also supporting mothers in the fight against hunger by donating a portion of the proceeds from food sold to its retail distributors during April to Feeding America, up to $50,000.** US Foods has also set a goal to raise an additional $50,000 for Feeding America through a customized online donation page by seeking to engage its employees, retail distributors and guests in restaurants that its retail distributors serve to support Feeding America.

Feeding America, BoxLunch and US Foods are dedicated to honoring mothers and families this Mother’s Day by working to end hunger in America. Join the movement to ensure mothers across America can access the food for their families need so they don’t need to worry and their children can thrive.

*$1 helps provide 11 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

**US Foods will donate $0.25 to Feeding America for each case sold.

***Teresa Gruber is the employee engagement manager at Feeding America.

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