Insights on solutions and contributors to hunger, and the lives of Americans in need from Feeding America and network food bank staff and guest contributors.

Alex and his parents
Monday, Dec 11 2017
At five years old, Alex saw firsthand that some of his classmates didn’t always have enough to eat and decided to give up his gifts to help.
Wednesday, Aug 24 2016
I’m constantly astounded and saddened by the staggering statistics that tell us how access to fruits and vegetables is difficult for so many Americans. And how 1 in 5 kids struggles with hunger.
Volunteers with oranges in Oakland.
Monday, Sep 21 2015
We recently learned that our food bank distributes the largest quantity of oranges in the network. Admittedly, it was pretty cool to hear that news. But when we got to thinking, we realized: an achievement like this shouldn’t be surprising
Healthy Cities 300x300
Wednesday, Mar 18 2015
As one of three leading grantees in the Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities program nationwide, Alameda County Community Food Bank has engaged a network of health providers, libraries and schools to collectively address health and hunger issues among low-income and under-served children and their families.
Healthy Cities 300x300
Friday, Mar 13 2015
Remarkable programs like Morgan Stanley’s Healthy Cities fund initiatives that combat hunger as a household problem, acknowledging its effect not only on individuals, but on the shared prosperity and health of whole neighborhoods.
Wednesday, Oct 22 2014
"I was totally unprepared for the emotion-packed experience of participating in the first US “Feeding the 5000” event."

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