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The Patricia Elmore Center Recreation Complex hosts a summer food service program which serves nutritious lunches, prepared daily during the week, to children in need from their local community.
Friday, Jul 10 2015
Summer food service programs for children are no easy task, especially when you have a large number of sites in rural locations like Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana does.
Recipients of a meal box. Families rely on this help to get them through the month.
Wednesday, Jul 8 2015
Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana’s Summer Meals for Kids program currently operates in nine counties and serves an estimated 490 kids a day.
Thursday, Aug 1 2013
Clara has short, thinning hair which doesn't quite match her age. It's clear that she isn't in good health but her frail appearance is overshadowed by the strong emotion she displays when talking about the struggles of her family and friends, like Danielle. "I know she goes to bed hungry just so those kids can eat. I go to bed hungry so my kid can eat. That's just what you have to do. What choice do you have?" Clara says as she walks up the steps with the meals she received from the Gleaners' Summer Meals for Kids Program. With tears in her eyes, she turns and says to the volunteers, "You all don't know how much this means to us. I don't know what we would do without it. Thank you."
Monday, May 20 2013
The final day of training, after we had done all our technical learning, we gathered in a circle on the floor to reflect. We shared our achievements, personal goals, and praises for the group as a whole. It was incredibly moving for me to experience the genuine sense of accomplishment and pride we shared with each other. In my, albeit limited, experience, love of this kind is rare among co-workers. I never felt more fortunate to be a part of Cohort 2 than I did in that moment, and it reminded me that there has undoubtedly been a greater purpose to our work than our ability to send our programs off into a steady and unwavering future...

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