Feeding America 2012 Annual Report is Now Available Online: Thank You!

April 4, 2013

Cover image of 2012 Annual ReportIn another year of unprecedented need for hunger relief, countless corporations, foundations and individuals gave generously of their time, funds, and food and grocery products to help provide emergency food assistance to more than 37 million people in America.

On behalf of the families and individuals who benefited from your support, Feeding America is proud to thank and recognize the extraordinary individuals and organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of others. We are excited to be your partner in creating a hunger-free America.

Reading through the Feeding America 2012 annual report, I took a moment to be proud of all that we accomplished last year. I hope you'll take this opportunity to do the same. Your commitment enabled the initiatives detailed in this report — you volunteered to fight hunger in your community, you used social media to raise awareness, and you donated to distribute 3.39 billion pounds of food to people in need.

Your dedication to end hunger in America empowered us to realize our 2012 goals. More importantly, your dedication helped millions of Americans put food on the table—for this we are ceaselessly grateful.

Thank you!


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