June 25, 2009

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama today joined hundreds of Congressional family members, Feeding America and four additional national nonprofit organizations at Ft. McNair in Washington DC to prepare 15,000 backpacks with books, healthy snacks, Frisbees and other items for the children of servicemen and women.

The event is part of"United We Serve," President Obama's call to Americans to engage in service projects and create meaningful impact in their towns and communities. The initiative is being led by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency dedicated to fostering service in communities across the country.

"Knowing that we're able to help families of those individuals defending our country at home and abroad is incredibly powerful," said Vicki Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger-relief organization."While these service members honor their duty, we can honor them and their families by helping those people who don't know always know where they will find their next meal."

People around the country can also participate in the"United We Serve" Summer of Service Campaign by taking part in Feeding America's"Fill America's Fridge Virtual Food Drive," with the goal of providing at least one million meals to those in need.

"The economy has sent shockwaves through households across the country, challenging food banks to keep up with rising demand," said Escarra."Due to the efficiency of Feeding America's network of food banks, making a donation to Feeding America is the best way to make the biggest impact in the fight against hunger."

"With one in eight Americans struggling with the issue of hunger, this campaign is a phenomenal way for people across the country to get involved with a national issue on a local level," added Escarra.

In addition to participating in the virtual food drive supporters can also pledge to volunteer with their local food bank or become a hunger advocate during the summer months and all year round. To participate in Feeding America's Fill America's Fridge Virtual Food Drive or to learn more about other ways to help American's in need, visit www.feedingamerica.org/serve.

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