September 18, 2012

Feeding America, the nation's leading anti-hunger organization made up of over 200 food banks nationwide, is pleased to announce that six of their leading corporate partners will use their collective power to help raise awareness of hunger in the United States this fall.

The partners – ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Kellogg Company, Kraft Foods, Unilever and Walmart - have already contributed more than $65 million and 1.5 billion pounds of product to Feeding America in the fight against hunger in the country since 2008. The new initiative, called "Fighting Hunger Together," will bring the message of hunger awareness to millions of Walmart customers and fans through in-store promotions, product displays and social media.

Most of the companies involved in the initiative are Feeding America "leadership" partners, which mean they have made aggregate contributions or commitments of $10 million or more, or donations of 100 million pounds or more of food and grocery products to Feeding America.

"This type of collaboration shows that the fight to end hunger in the United States can't be waged alone - this is a collective effort that leverages these great brands and partners and helps us really shine a light on hunger," said Matt Knott, interim CEO and President of Feeding America. "It will take support from everyone - from personal donors to volunteers to corporations - to help us eliminate hunger in our communities."

The combined effort comes at a critical time following the release of new food insecurity numbers by the US Department of Agriculture that found 14.9 percent of Americans - or 1 in 6 - lives in a household that is at risk of hunger. Nationally, that's 50 million people, including nearly 17 million children.

There is also concern that the recent summer droughts will cause food prices to rise and further stretch a family's food budget. A rise in food prices will also prove to be costly for food banks that occasionally have to buy food to help supplement their supplies.

"When nonprofits, companies and consumers work together we believe we can make long term, positive change for the millions of people in America who struggle with hunger," says Sylvia Mathews Burwell, president of the Walmart Foundation."Walmart is a long-standing partner with Feeding America and we appreciate and value their commitment to helping those in need in the many local communities their food banks serve."


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