Food Safety

How We Can Reduce Food Waste and Feed Hungry Families

Child Nutrition Reauthorization

The Feeding America network of food banks serves more than 46 million people each year. We have a responsibility to ensure that every person who comes to us for help is provided with food that is safe to feed their families. That is why food safety is a foundational aspect of our work to end hunger, and we are committed to it because we are committed to improving the lives of the people we serve.

As the landscape of donated food continues to change, it drives Feeding America-member food banks to develop more sophisticated food safety practices related to how food is handled. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for continued development in food safety practices. It is our promise to establish and maintain standards that steward our donors' resources in order to provide struggling families with good, safe food.

Our network of food banks adheres to the same stringent requirements that grocery retailers, food manufacturers and restaurants in the U.S. must follow. In addition to following these food safety laws, our food banks are all required to pass a third-party food safety audit. The third-party audit follows a food safety standard that is based off of food safety laws and also food industry best practices.

At Feeding America, we require that staff at member food banks are properly trained in food safety. To help them adhere to our strict food safety standards, we created an innovative food safety training for food banks to follow. Our stringent processes and procedures help ensure that families facing hunger receive only good, safe food from the entire Feeding America network.


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