Food Banks and Feeding America Respond to Wildfires in Maui

August 11, 2023

What’s happening in Maui? 

Our hearts are with the people of Hawai’i as catastrophic wildfires broke out in Maui this week. More than 50 people have lost their lives and hundreds of structures have been damaged. Lahaina—a seaside business and tourism hub that was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom—is destroyed, per the Maui County Mayor. Crews continue to battle the Maui and Big Island fires, which have been fanned in part by strong winds from Hurricane Dora, a Category 4 storm. 



What are food banks and Feeding America doing? 

Feeding America network members, the Hawai’i Foodbank and Maui Food Bank, are responding to the swift and unexpected wildfires. They continue to assess the status of their own networks of food pantries and meal programs, two of which have sadly been destroyed by the fires. The Maui Food Bank has established distribution sites with food available for people fleeing the fires, as the Hawai’i Foodbank works with their shipping partners to coordinate transportation logistics to get additional food to Maui. 


Feeding America is moving disaster boxes of ready-to-eat meals, snacks and water that were pre-staged to support network reliefs efforts by our West Coast partner food banks. A 20-foot container of water will ship out of San Diego, while another 20-foot container of fresh fruit will ship out of Washington. Meanwhile, our national donor partners are actively engaged in discussions with Feeding America on how they can help. 


What can I do to help? 

To support the recovery efforts, please follow the social media profiles and guidance available on the Hawai’i Foodbank and Maui Food Bank websites. Please limit any direct phone or email requests as they continue to coordinate their local emergency response efforts. 


If you prefer, you can support Feeding America’s Hawai’i Wildfire Disaster Relief Fund to help our partners on the ground in Hawai’i with emergency food and supply distribution.  


How can I find help? 

If you are in Maui and need food or emergency supplies, see the Maui Food Bank website for emergency distribution information.