Ian's Story

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Ian - volunteer
Ian's Story


Ian is a “Farm to Table” volunteer for Harvesters. “Farm to Table” is a program where Harvesters collects fresh produce from Farmers Markets each Saturday. Ian specifically helps at the City Market in downtown Kansas City.

Ian is a great Harvesters’ representative because of his friendly manner and persuasive powers. He always personally speaks with each farmer at the market to politely ask for food donations and explain how difficult it is to access healthy food if you are food insecure.

After speaking with Ian, the farmers are always willing to donate. In fact, Ian is so good at this that his girlfriend, who is often with him on these excursions, nicknamed him the “Farmer Charmer”.

As a medical student, Ian wholeheartedly believes in and understands the importance of fresh, nutrient-rich produce in everyone’s diet—but especially for those who are food insecure. He enthusiastically supports Harvesters’ goal to provide more produce and helps Harvesters meet that goal by his efforts.

In fact, one memorable Saturday, Ian arrived with more than 1,000 pounds of produce from the market. This was Ian’s first time volunteering and instead of going just to the market stalls of local farmers – he misunderstood and visited all the commercial stalls too. Ian returned to Harvesters ecstatic about the several pallets of food he had managed to fit in the van and set to work unloading it all with a huge smile on his face.

Though Ian has become very busy finishing medical school and applying to residency programs, his commitment to Harvesters has not waned.

Ian's story was submitted by Harvesters.