Hunger in the News

Healthy produce at a food bank
October 6, 2017

Why paying for nutrition saves money on health care | TIME

Hunger does not exist in a vacuum. With 58% of households served by the Feeding America network reporting at least one member with high blood pressure, and 33% reporting at least one member with diabetes, it is essential that we focus on addressing the intersections of hunger, nutrition and health. A new study found participation in SNAP was associated with an average of $1,400 less in annual health care costs for low-income U.S. adults. Read the Article »

Study suggests when mobile markets take wireless food stamps, more people buy healthy food | PBS

For low-income households living in food deserts or communities where healthy food is widely unavailable, the most affordable and available food options are often processed foods with high-fat, sodium and sugar content — which can lead to high rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. However, a recent study found that when mobile food markets accept wireless SNAP benefits, people in poor neighborhoods are more likely to purchase healthy food. Read the Article »

Oh SNAP! It’s been 40 years since the Food Stamps Act. | Washington Post

At Feeding America, we see every day how SNAP and other anti-hunger programs play a critical role in improving the health and well-being of Americans struggling with hunger. 64% of SNAP recipients are either children, the elderly or disabled adults. Two-thirds of the remaining recipients either work full-time, are caretakers of others or are participating in a training program. Sept. 29 marked the fortieth anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s signing of the Food Stamp Act, prompting reflection on the bipartisan program. Read the Article »

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