Hunger in the News

The goal of the Invest An Acre program is to encourage farmers in the United States to donate a portion of their crop proceeds to help  fight hunger in their communities.
December 2, 2016

Rural America on the Mend, Says USDA | U.S. News

A recent report from the Department of Agriculture has shown that rural and middle America are beginning to see economic improvement since the Great Recession. These areas were particularly hard hit by the Great Recession, resulting in many families struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Learn more about what changes are happening, and how these are changes are painting a positive picture for the future. Read the Article »

Taking the Stigma Out of Poverty | Harvard Gazette

Harvard recently hosted a two-day workshop that looked at how social, political and economic segregation contributes to the spread of poverty within the United States and abroad. Learn more about how those facing poverty and hunger are stigmatized in our society, and how this stigmatization keeps those individuals from succeeding. Read the Article »

The Problem of Hunger Persists in All Corners—Even in Silicon Valley | Pantagraph

Hunger touches every corner of the United States, even in places you might least expect. Even in Silicon Valley, an area of our country known for its wealth, there are families struggling with hunger. Learn more about how this fast growing city can make life harder for those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Read the Article »

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