Hunger in the News

October 7, 2016

The Key To Solving Teen Hunger? Involving Teens. | The Huffington Post
A recent report released by Feeding America and the Urban Institute has revealed that many U.S. teens that are food insecure are resorting to risky behaviors in order to get food. Compounding this problem is the fact that teens are often overlooked by many child-focused assistance programs, which often tend to target younger children. See how food banks and food pantries are working to fill this gap and develop assistance programs for the teens that need them. Read the Article >>

The ‘Welfare Queen’ Is a Lie | The Atlantic
Research has proven that the story of the welfare queen is largely a myth. Unfortunately, this is a myth that has resulted in real-world consequences. Instead of building federal assistance programs that are designed to support people struggling with hunger, over the past forty years these programs have been constructed to avoid problems that do not exist. Learn more about the real-world consequences of these fictional depictions of people in need. Read the Article >>

Some Low-Income Kids Face a ‘Nutrition Gap’ Before Starting School | Civil Eats
A new study recently published in an issue of Children and Youth Services Review has found that children struggling with hunger face the risk of falling into a “nutrition gap” before they start school. These children age out of WIC before they are able to start school where they will receive meals through the National School Lunch program and can potentially go an entire year without any additional support. Learn more about this risk and its consequences for the children and families we serve. Read the Article >>

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