Hunger in the News

July 29, 2016
by Dan Michel

In Alaska's Remote Towns, Climate Change Is Already Leaving Many Hungry | NPR

Many Native Alaskan families have been subsistence hunters for millennia, relying on the migration of animals for a sustainable food source. Learn how changes to the Alaskan climate are threatening their food supplies and making these remote communities face the threat of food insecurity for the first time in generations. Read the Article >>

Taxes on Groceries, Not Soda, Are Hurting Poor Americans | TakePart 

Did you know that some states have a tax on all groceries? New research suggests that this tax can put additional pressure on already food-insecure households. Read this article to see how individuals and families struggling with hunger are impacted by this extra burden. Read the Article >> 

'Ugly' Fresh Produce Gets Hipper for Grocers, but There's One Problem - Supply | CNBC

The sale of “ugly” produce, which is normally discarded before it gets to the store front, has potential to reduce food waste. Often sold at a reduced price, these fresh fruits and vegetables can also be a blessing for those trying to stretch their budgets but still eat healthy. Yet, this food waste reduction strategy can have unseen challenges. See how retailers are coping with these challenges. Read the Article >>

Hunger in the News is a weekly summary of news articles that elevate the conversation of hunger and the issues affecting food insecurity in the U.S. The links contained in this summary direct you to websites that have content that is not controlled by Feeding America.