Hunger in the News

May 27, 2016
by Dan Michel

Representative Jim McGovern on Food Policy in the U.S. | C-SPAN

Long-time hunger advocate Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) previewed a House Agriculture Committee hearing on food waste, hunger, and poverty in the U.S., and the debate over the use of the food stamp program (SNAP).

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Why America’s food labels are approaching their best before date | The Economist

Labeling on food is not always clear to many people. Food banks have long taken advantage that food past the listed date is still good and usable to people in need. There is an act to make labeling more accurate of what is being communicated on the package and would help make it easier for retailers, food banks and consumers.

What is being proposed in food labeling  >>


This Is What A Feast For 5,000 Made From Food Waste Looks Like | NPR

A 7-foot wide platter of paella was created from rescued food and served up as part of Feeding the 5000 (Feeding America participated in a similar event in Oakland, CA) which is an initiative to reduce food waste.

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