Hunger in the News

April 1, 2016
by Dan Michel

Why are People in the U.S. Still Going Hungry? | Economy Watch

This article is a thorough examination of the issue of food insecurity in this country and why does this issue continue to persist. Many points raised in this article have common themes to what Feeding America has been saying since the beginning with the main theme being that nobody should be hungry in this country.

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How Technology, Innovation and Free Market Can Help the Food Crisis | City Lab

Have you wondered how almost 4 billion pounds of food gets distributed across the food bank network? We use an advanced, free market system that is celebrating ten years of operations. While this article shows both the pros and cons of the free market as a system, it does praise Feeding America's efforts to help orchestrate this distribution of food to people in need.

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Startup Strikes Out Hunger with Per Diem Money | CBS News

Some well-paid professionals are lending a hand to a creative new effort to fight hunger. A charitable startup redirects so-called "per diem" allowances that some employees get to cover daily meals and expenses while on the road. Those payments can add up for professional athletes, corporate employees, and actors.