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1 Million Meals to Help Feed the Need

Honored to be a part of their customers’ efforts to live healthy lives, True Citrus has broadened this effort by partnering with Feeding America® to help provide the equivalent of 1 million meals* between June 2015 and June 2016. True Citrus is supporting this campaign by:

  • Adding a unique logo to all of their retail products which can be found in over 22,000 grocery stores. The Feeding America logo will eventually be found on over seven million products within the next year.
  • Adding a “1 Million Meals to Help Feed the Need” section to their website, which allows customers to enter a UPC code to donate a meal to Feeding America as well as providing information about the fight to end hunger in America.
  • Pulsing additional customer donations through every purchase from True Citrus’s  e-commerce site,
  • Supporting efforts to end hunger in True Citrus’s local area by product donations and company team volunteers.

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*$1 helps provide 9 meals by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks. True Citrus guarantees a minimum of 1 million meals (monetary equivalent of $112,000) to Feeding America and member foods banks from 6/1/15 to 6/1/16.