Subaru Loves to Help

Subaru of America, Inc., along with support from its two regional independent distributors, Subaru of New England and Subaru Distributors Corp., have partnered to contribute 50 million meals* to the Feeding America network. The donation will help the Feeding America network respond to increased need in their communities and will help provide 50 million meals nationwide to people most impacted by the pandemic.

Subaru is committed to supporting its neighbors and communities. They are contributing to 198 food banks across the country. Through this partnership, Subaru, its independent distributors, and the Subaru network of 633 retailers nationwide will foster relationships with local Feeding America member food banks. Together, they will work to provide ongoing support in the form of food drives, donations and volunteer events as the automaker goes above and beyond to be more than a car company for its communities during these globally challenging times. Through these events and donations, Subaru will work toward a shared goal to get communities back on their feet.

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*Subaru of America, Inc. guarantees a donation of 50 million meals (monetary equivalent of $5,000,000). $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.