Online Marketplace - Local Food Rescue

Each year, billions of pounds of surplus food are sent to landfills, while 38 million Americans (1 in 8 ) struggle with food insecurity. Of those, 12 million (1 in 6) are children.

If we were able to capture just a fraction of those pounds from local foodservice outlets (like restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, etc.), we could provide billions of additional meals to those in need!

And you can help!

Online Marketplace, the newest food rescue initiative from Feeding America, can enable you to overcome the common hurdles to lower-volume, highly perishable donations and help deliver them safely to those in need.

Online Marketplace leverages Feeding America’s vast network of food banks and agencies, as well as technology, to match local foodservice donors with food banks and agencies in local communities to prevent waste and help fight hunger!

What are the benefits to my company?

  • Financial benefits: Tax benefits from charitable contributions, through Feeding America’s sophisticated reporting platform as well as reduced inventory/dumping costs
  • Environmental benefits through reduced waste going to landfills along with associated expense reduction
  • Employee satisfaction from making a positive contribution to their community and pride in their company
  • Corporate responsibility commitments are enhanced with public facing communication

How is my company protected from liability?

  • Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (Public Law 104-210)
    • Protects the donor from civil and criminal liability when donating in good faith to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization should the product later cause harm to the needy recipient
  • Food safety is core to our operations, and Feeding America’s stringent food safety and handling standards are aimed at preventing the use of the act, keeping food safe, and protecting your brand

In the News: Feeding America to Use New Technology for Local Food Rescue with $1.6M Google Global Impact Award.

How do I get started? To learn more about Online Marketplace, please contact a member of our team.