Distressed Product

Each year, billions of pounds of safe food and grocery products are pulled off grocery store shelves and removed from circulation. Without intervention, these items would be thrown away and wasted. But with 38 million Americans struggling with hunger in this country, there is an opportunity to recover this healthy and safe food for consumption.  

With the help of our partners, Feeding America can put these products in the hands of those who need them.

Helping You Helping Us

If your organization deals with distressed or surplus products, we can help your bottom line while supporting Americans in need.

As a Feeding America partner you receive:

  • Liability protection
  • Savings in storage and inventory, transportation, and dumping costs
  • Free product pick-up from any location in the United States
  • Pickup and tracking of product from all of your customer facilities
  • Complete product tracking and recall capabilities
  • A possible reduction in your tax bill
  • High standards of operation established and inspected by FMI and GMA
  • Enhanced public image – establish  donors as community leaders  in the fight against hunger
  • National and local presence
  • The ability to help millions of hungry Americans through socially responsible and sustainable operations.
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction that food is rescued for those in need in their local community

To donate, please contact Feeding America.