Statewide Shipping Supervisor

Food Bank
Statewide Shipping Supervisor

Statewide Shipping Supervisor
Full Time

Applications accepted until filled.

The pay range for this role is $24.73 - $27.37.

In anticipation of the upcoming OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 Vaccination, proof of COVID vaccination status will be required.

Who You Are:

You care deeply about community, about people experiencing hunger and hold them in the center of all that you do. You are committed to apply equity as a process and an outcome of your work to disrupt systemic social patterns that promote hunger such as racism, sexism, and cissexism.  You have a strong affinity with OFB’s 10 Year Vision and are profoundly excited to achieve this vision for and with our community.

Position Summary:

The Statewide Shipping Supervisor utilizes the warehouse management system to record and track Oregon Food Bank’s outbound inventory, food and other products picked and shipped by OFB. This position works closely with the Receiving Coordinator, Transportation Manager and Assistant Distribution Manager to schedule, store, track, and report all product in OFB’s inventory system. 

This position performs the work leading  and supervising a team conducting  a variety of warehousing duties such as picking orders using mobile devices, putting product away, and operating forklifts. This position is critical to ensuring a high level of customer service to Oregon Food Bank’s stakeholders by facilitating an efficient shipping process while contributing to a safe and orderly working environment. 

You are flexible and adaptable to a fluid and dynamic environment, and bring a positive, can-do attitude to daily work challenges. You prioritize customer service and collaboration, and can balance competing work demands with composure and accountability to achieve desired results.  

The Fine Print:

Work environment:

Work is performed in a fast-paced, 100,000 square foot warehouse with a significant amount of walking on concrete surfaces. Entrances may be open and work conditions can be hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. Employee may be working in and out of a freezer and coolers with extreme variations in temperatures, with appropriate freezer-ware provided. Workspace could be very dusty, and on occasions can be noisy due to the traffic of motorized vehicles operated in the building. Periodically may work outside and be exposed to the elements. Employee(s) may be exposed to spoiled food and sharp objects due to working with damaged or distressed product. Work involves moving boxes and employee(s) must lift, bend, stoop, pick up and move objects up to 50 pounds. Work involves using manual pallet jacks and therefore requires an ability to push and pull pallets over 2,000 pounds.

This position requires an understanding of receiving and shipping processes in the warehouse, the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture, US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, contractual obligations with Feeding America and are in charge of completing orders from preparation to shipment. Work schedule will vary and may include work on evenings weekends and holidays due to special events, inclement weather, and other projects related to timely and accurate warehousing and distribution of product.

Background Check:

This position does require a criminal background check.  Criminal background checks may be required for the following reasons:

Insurance requirement 

Third party contractual requirement/s 

A criminal record unrelated to theft, assault, or sexual violence may not make you ineligible to work at Oregon Food Bank. We actively support all our staff in developing relevant skills and capacities to improve job retention and advancement.


Inclement Weather, Service Disruptions and Disaster Response expectations:

OFB is part of the regional disaster response network and, as part of our commitment to our community, we all are expected to report to work as soon as it’s safe to do so and to respond to the disaster, emergency, inclement weather or extended service disruption as needed and as possible.   To this effect we have teams with different levels of response and support.  This role is internally classified as part of the Snow Team, which means that: 

Snow Team (or On-Site Team) : Ensure work continuity on-site with applicable differential pay/s

staff is supported to prioritize their safety and those of their dependents, families and loved ones while in communication and coordination with supervisors.

End date
Opportunity type
Warehouse / Supply Chain / Drivers
Job responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsible for managing all outbound shipments, including preparation and maintenance of inventory data & receipts, labeling of products, and transporting of pallets to various areas of the warehouse.

Provides input to the Distribution and Assistant Distribution Manager on employees performance, productivity, safety and willingness to support other team members. Ensures all incidents are reported to the department managers and appropriate forms are filled out correctly and turned into managers. 

Responsible for ensuring complete staff training in areas related to daily duties, physical safety, food safety, proper use of equipment, policies and procedures , and adherence to the Oregon Food Bank food safety management system. 

Supervises the day-to-day work of SW Distribution Specialists in the order picking process and the training of staff. Oversees accuracy of staff time cards and approves at end of pay period. 

Conducts quarterly coaching in accordance with OFB guidelines. Supports  equity and inclusion practice within the department, utilizing an equity lens to assure commitment and application of our equity values, and centering of OFB equity constituencies , with internal staff, external partnerships and the communities we serve.

Supports  equity and inclusion practice within the department, utilizing an equity lens to assure commitment and application of our equity values, and centering of OFB equity constituencies , with internal staff, external partnerships and the communities we serve.

Participates in internal conversations to advance the organization's mission, and is an effective and positive member of multiple cross-functional teams. 

Manages the sequencing  of daily and weekly resources; delegates and adjusts work assignments to accomplish goals and targets. Follows established safe work procedures. Works efficiently inside resource constraints, and pays rigorous attention to transactional procedures. 

Demonstrates how to visualize the building of pallets and the building of trucks to optimize use of space on trailers. Directs location replenishment in location-based warehouse management software. Transfer product to meet production schedules. Supports volunteer shifts and provides general assistance solving daily problems with flow. Uses an Equity Lens in daily supervision of staff.  

Contacts the correct organization in case of a personal or building emergency and follows organizational procedures for the specific type of emergency. Oversee loading of trailers in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations and driver preferences, including total weight, distribution of load on the trailer (front to back, side to side), and vertical distribution of product on pallets to prevent crushing. Separates food and non-food chemical cleaners as per standard operating procedure. Maintains perishable product cold-chain during loading and transfer process, keeping product inside time-and-temp guidelines. 

Perform daily house-keeping tasks for dock, transfers, and receipts. Verify products for quality, labeling needs, recalls and expiration dates. 

Works with Inventory to reconcile shipping discrepancies to ensure accurate and timely product shipments. Identifies patterns of errors and retrains in a continual improvement cycle. 

Sends an end-of-day summary activity to appropriate staff, detailing any final loading instructions to drivers for the next morning. Is the person-in-charge during the late shift and is responsible for alerting management to facility problems and for securing the facility according to established procedure. 

Operate warehouse material handling equipment to load/unload trucks, pick, put away and move product throughout the warehouse. Performs daily equipment check-out and check-in and documents issues so that the fleet is kept in safe and efficient working order. 

Participates in continual improvements to safety and warehouse organization and cleanliness. Perform daily house-keeping tasks for dock, transfers and receipts. Submits IT and Facilities Work tickets as necessary.

.Works collaboratively with the Assistant Distribution Manager, Transportation Manager, Sourcing Team, and other key management and line staff in Operations and volunteer services.  Maintains high level of communications to ensure efficient management of operations.

Adheres to Oregon Food Bank policies and standards of conduct. Maintains a high level of communications with staff ensuring that critical information is cascaded effectively, efficiently. 

Organizational level responsibilities of non-exempt employees include:

To be an ambassador of OFB’s vision and mission, a collaborator, and an active contributor to end hunger for good. 

In consultation and coordination with the supervisor, participate in:

cross-departmental efforts

work culture activities and programming

advisory and consultative groups such as the compensation committee, affinity groups, Equity Ambassadors, Equity Think Tank meetings, among others

activities that strengthen your capacity for your specific role as well as your capacity to contribute and advance organizational goals, OFB’s vision and mission.  

Other related duties as assigned.

Application qualifications

Skills and Experience:

High School Diploma or GED with four years of warehouse experience.

Shipping/Inventory experience with complex relational database systems.

Ability to operate hand and electric pallet jacks and forklifts.

Material handling and food safety certifications. 

Preferred Qualifications:

Food warehouse experience.

Two or more years’ experience in a lead or supervisory role, within a warehouse environment.

Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Proficiency in a language other than English, bi-lingual and bi-cultural skills strongly preferred.

Experience working for a food bank, non-profit and/or personal lived experience of inequity/oppression. 

Organizational level preferred qualifications of non-exempt employees include:

Multilingual skills at a minimum professional level of proficiency or greater in English and any additional language/s, defined as being able to speak the languages with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical and professional topics.  

Multicultural skills of adaptation and integration are strongly preferred.  

Adaptation is defined as the capacity to communicate and interact with people of multiple cultures, backgrounds, and styles by incorporating and adapting to the world view and perspectives of others.

Integration is defined as being able to move in and out of one's worldview and help others understand different cultures, backgrounds, and styles to promote diversity and inclusion.

Commitment to continued professional development to strengthen capacity to work through an equity lens for equity and racial justice.

Strong capacity to consider multiple perspectives and to pivot to respond to emerging needs and organizational changes.

Personal living/lived experience of hunger and/or systemic inequity/oppression.   

About the organization

Who We Are:

Oregon Food Bank (OFB) believes that no one should be hungry. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes.  We believe that food and health are basic human rights for all. We know that hunger is not just an individual experience; it is also a community-wide symptom of systemic barriers to employment, education, housing and health care such as systemic racism, sexism, and cissexism. That’s why we work systemically to achieve our mission to end hunger: we foster community connections to help people access nutritious food, and we build community power and strengthen networks of support and the safety net to eliminate the root causes of hunger for good.

We build community power to dismantle systems and policies that drive hunger and poverty.

Oregon Food Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we strongly encourage applications from candidates who can increase  the diversity of our organization and strengthen our capacity to eliminate hunger. We believe strongly in the power of lived experience — and we actively seek individuals who have experienced hunger and its root causes to join our team. Our organization is stronger because of the leadership of people who have faced food insecurity in their own lives and/or hail from historically under-represented communities. Learn more about our commitment at