Executive Director/CEO of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Executive Director/CEO of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Executive Director/CEO position available in Athens, Georgia

End date
Opportunity type
Job responsibilities
  • Directs the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia and the Mountain Regional Branch in accordance with the policies, procedures, and objectives established by the board of directors and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations
  • Directs the Operations of the Mountain Regional Branch
  • Develops Community Support for the Mission of the Food Bank
  • Directs all human resources functions in accordance with personnel policies
  • Directs all financial, development, and technology operations
  • Directs all programmatic activities
Application qualifications
  • The candidate must possess a college degree or equivalent combination of education and work experience, preferably in the areas of business administration, management or related field, which indicates a high degree of organizational, program development, management, planning, human relations, reporting and evaluation skills.
  • Must have experience working with a board of directors and in a non-profit environment.
  • Strong verbal and written communications and excellent public speaking and engagement skills.
  • Ability to relate to a population of varying socio-economic, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Ability to seek and engage in mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships that will further the mission of the Food Bank.
  • Ability to delegate tasks and responsibility to proper levels and to adequately review and assess performance.
  • Ability to understand budgets and financial reporting and knowledge of fundraising strategies and possess a proven record of accomplishment for fundraising.
  • Ability to create a positive, motivational work environment and engage all employees in the mission.
  • Understanding of grants and grant preparation.
  • Provides direct supervision to business and operational managers and possess a strong knowledge and background in warehouse operations and staffing.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

Benefits package includes Health, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance and a 401K package with a partial company match.

How to apply

Please submit all applications to Sherry Anderson at sherry@foodbanknega.org

About the organization

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c)3 comprised of a primary distribution location in Athens, GA and the Mountain Regional Branch in Clayton, GA. The Food Bank recovers donated and salvaged surplus food and distributes it to residents in need through human-service partner agencies. The Food Bank works with local, regional, state and national product partners to bring food into the community. The Food Bank was founded in 1992 in an effort to end hunger in northeast Georgia. That year, the food bank distributed approximately 350,000 pounds of food to 36 agencies. The organization has grown tremendously since then, distributing nearly 12 million pounds of food through more than 225 partner organizations. The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia includes the Mountain Regional Branch located in Clayton, GA. In addition to regular food distribution activities, the Mountain Branch operates multiple business components including a teaching kitchen, a commercial kitchen, and an Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) food processing line. These activities provide a unique opportunity to address various economic and educational challenges associated with fighting hunger. The teaching kitchen’s primary role is to provide educational opportunities related to food and nutrition to a wide variety of audiences. The commercial kitchen provides local food entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow their business through the use of a commercial level kitchen without having to make large capital investments. The IQF line provides the Food Bank the opportunity to extend the shelf life of highly perishable fruits and vegetables by freezing them in recipe ready sizes without losing any of the nutritional value. The IQF can be used to collaborate with outside organizations to provide support services to other food collection and distribution operations both commercially and not-for-profit.

Additional information

For more information about the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia please visit: http://www.foodbanknega.org/about For the full job description please visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gt3r2w3iJJpLEIFKTD5bQP0sNOL2-dG2/view?usp=sharingThe Executive Director of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is fully responsible for the administration and management of the organization. This role works with the Board and its committees to develop policy, strategic planning, goal setting, long-term projections and team management. This position is the link between the Board of Directors and the staff and is responsible for overseeing that the mission is implemented throughout the corporation and its partners. The Executive Director is accountable for all programs, operations, and work activities.