Executive Director Feeding Louisiana

Executive Director Feeding Louisiana

The Executive Director position is critical to our success and growth. You will support the overall management and administration of the organization, provide direction and leadership for the advancement of our mission and objectives. You will work in close proximity with our office team and board to help expand the presence and message of our organization throughout the state, building strong alliances with partners, state officials, and other organizations that support our mission.

To be successful, a great candidate for this position must be organized, a good communicator, a proactive leader, with good management and people skills. We offer a great team culture, competitive compensation, incentives for performance, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

End date
Opportunity type
Executive Director / CEO / Other C-Level Executives
Job responsibilities

Your key areas of responsibility include:
Strategic alignment with the board for the direction and strength of the organization and our mission
Management, leadership, and support of our teams to help the organization meet its goals and objectives
Fiscal management and oversight of financial reporting, best business practices, and successful auditing
Networking, coalition building, being the face of the organization, and enhancing our impact in the state
Fundraising and grant management oversight to ensure funding of our programs and initiatives
Marketing innovation and creativity to expand our social media presence, messaging and branding
Team leadership to foster a vibrant organizational culture, support our team and attract top talent

Application qualifications

If you are a good fit for this position, we invite you to send us your information. Please answer the following questions and submit your cover letter and resume. We will provide you a complete job description during the interview process. Please do not call our office directly as that may disqualify your application.

Questions to answer:
What are your strongest skills and qualifications that make you a good candidate for this position?
How many years have you had in non-profit upper management with disaster response activities?
How big of a team or operation have you managed?
What are your salary and benefits requirements?
Are you highly proficient in computer skills, Microsoft Office and Google docs?


salary commensurate with experience
retirement plan (simple IRA)
health insurance
Paid holidays

How to apply

To apply, or to find out more information about this position and opportunity, please contact our recruiter directly. Please do not contact the office directly. Send our recruiter your resume, cover letter, and any other questions to:

Maurice Velasquez
Team Real World
[email protected]

About the organization

Feeding Louisiana is looking for an experienced and effective Executive Director to join our team, help our organization grow, and increase the effectiveness of our mission and objectives throughout the state. If you are results oriented, have a positive outlook for the well-being of our state and those in need, and you enjoy building coalitions, networking, and strong teams, this position is right for you. This is a full-time position, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but can be remote and virtual anywhere in the state.

Feeding Louisiana is the state food bank association which supports the state’s five regional food banks that are located in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Monroe, New Orleans and Shreveport. Our mission is to be a unified voice for Louisiana’s hungry by providing food relief and long-term solutions to hunger through advocacy, education, and leadership. Our food bank network includes partnerships with nearly 1,000 community and faith-based organizations statewide.