Driver Class A Relief

Food Bank
Driver Class A Relief

Who You Are:
You care deeply about community, about people experiencing hunger and hold them in the center of all that you do. You are committed to applying equity as a process and an outcome of your work to disrupt systemic social patterns that promote hunger such as racism, sexism, and cissexism. You have a strong affinity with OFB’s 10 Year Vision and are profoundly excited to achieve this vision for and with our community.

Position Summary:
Oregon Food Bank’s Class A Driver operates a semi-tractor with a 48-foot trailer of food and related products to OFB’s statewide Network of regional food banks and local agencies. This position will safely load, transport, and unload or assist in unloading food and related product while complying with all federal and state Departments of Transportation laws and regulations. Key performance outcomes include: safe driving, safe loading to ensure product is not damaged, meeting schedules on time and effective working relationships with stakeholders. You are flexible and adaptable to a fluid and dynamic environment, and bring a positive, can-do, attitude to daily work challenges. You prioritize customer service and collaboration, and can balance competing work demands with composure and accountability to achieve desired results. You are a front-line ambassador of our mission when working with donors and other stakeholders.

Opportunity type
Warehouse / Supply Chain / Drivers
Job responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:
-Operate a semi-tractor and 48-foot trailer to pick up and deliver products. Ensure truck is properly loaded, secured and within weight limits.
-Drive the truck in a safe, lawful and courteous manner always remembering that the people will judge us by the way you handle the vehicle.
-Conduct work in a professional manner with a focus on personal safety; adhere to all safety practices and company policies.
-Load and unload trucks by hand, pallet mover, or forklift; or assist in loading and unloading of special or large quantities of product.
-Follow a schedule of pick-up and delivery; maintain record of pick-up and delivery activities, as well as other records such as mileage, logs, and equipment.
-Take temperature samples of perishable product and record data in accordance with OFB Food Safety policies.
-Inspect vehicle equipment and supplies. Report vehicle maintenance needs, and perform light maintenance such as maintaining air pressure in tires, maintaining vehicle fluids, and installing bulbs. Maintain vehicle cleanliness to OFB standards.
-Comply with specialized regulations, such as US Department of Transportation regulations and Oregon Department of Transportation laws and regulations.

Organizational level responsibilities of non-exempt employees include:
-To be an ambassador of OFB’s vision and mission, a collaborator, and an active contributor to end hunger for good.
In consultation and coordination with the supervisor, participate in:
-Cross-departmental efforts and work culture activities and programming.
-Advisory and consultative groups such as the compensation committee, affinity groups, Equity Ambassadors, Equity Think Tank meetings, among others.
-Activities that strengthen your capacity for your specific role as well as your capacity to contribute and advance organizational goals, OFB’s vision and mission.
Other duties as assigned.

Application qualifications

-Deep passion for eliminating hunger and its root causes.
-Current Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a clean driving record for last five years. Five years over-the-road experience driving a semi-tractor in all weather conditions.
-Must be able to pass an Oregon Department of Transportation drug test.
-Experience in the food industry, and working in a nonprofit environment, is preferred.
-Working knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, US Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation and other regulations related to transportation.
-Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse stakeholders, to work independently, and to work effectively as part of a team.
-Safe driving record, valid driver’s license, current vehicle insurance and ability to use personal vehicle for OFB business. Ability to obtain job-specific certifications (food safety, forklift, etc).
-Ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks while responding to change in priorities and services.
-Ability to operate forklift, pallet jack and other warehouse equipment.
-Proficient with basic math for projecting arrival and departure times, and fuel utilization per mile under vehicle poundage conditions.
-Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Ability to read maps, and able to speak clearly over phones and radios.

Organizational level preferred qualifications of non-exempt employees include:
-Multilingual skills at a minimum professional level of proficiency or greater in English and any additional language/s, defined as being able to speak the languages with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical and professional topics.
-Multicultural skills of adaptation and integration are strongly preferred.
-Adaptation is defined as the capacity to communicate and interact with people of multiple cultures, backgrounds, and styles by incorporating and adapting to the world view and perspectives of others.
-Integration is defined as being able to “code-switch” or move in and out of one's worldview and help others understand different cultures, backgrounds, and styles to promote diversity and inclusion.
-Commitment to continued professional development to strengthen capacity to work through an equity lens for equity and racial justice.
-Strong capacity to consider multiple perspectives and to pivot to respond to emerging needs and organizational changes.
-Personal living/lived experience of hunger and/or systemic inequity/oppression.


Comprehensive benefits package provided. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The hourly pay rate is $26.49.

How to apply

Please apply through our website

About the organization

Who We Are:
Oregon Food Bank (OFB) believes that no one should be hungry. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. We believe that food and health are basic human rights for all. We know that hunger is not just an individual experience; it is also a community-wide symptom of systemic barriers to employment, education, housing and health care such as systemic racism, sexism, and cissexism. That’s why we work systemically to achieve our mission to end hunger: we foster community connections to help people access nutritious food, and we build community power and strengthen networks of support and the safety net to eliminate the root causes of hunger for good.
We build community power to dismantle systems and policies that drive hunger and poverty.

Oregon Food Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we strongly encourage applications from candidates who can increase the diversity of our organization and strengthen our capacity to eliminate hunger. We believe strongly in the power of lived experience — and we actively seek individuals who have experienced hunger and its root causes to join our team. Our organization is stronger because of the leadership of people who have faced food insecurity in their own lives and/or hail from historically under-represented communities. Learn more about our commitment at

Additional information

Depending on the route the driver may operate the vehicle in moving freeway traffic or through congested surface streets. Work is performed in weather that may make driving hazardous. The driver occasionally has to chain up tires in snow and ice. The driver may be exposed to other hazardous conditions, such as doing field repairs, installing chains, climbing and descending from a high truck, etc. The driver’s back, legs, arms and hands have increased exposure to stress due to extended sitting for long times and vehicle vibrations. The driver’s eyes have increased exposure to stress due to driving when there is inadequate illumination or in direct sunlight. The driver is exposed to exhaust fumes when standing near a running vehicle. In the event of an accident or other on-the road incidents, the driver may deal with distraught individuals. May push and pull pallets up to 2,000 pounds while operating pallet jack. May lift, move and carry objects up to 75 pounds.

Background Check
This position does require a criminal background check. Criminal background checks may be required for the following reasons: Insurance requirement. A criminal record unrelated to theft, assault, or sexual violence may not make you ineligible to work at Oregon Food Bank. We actively support all our staff in developing relevant skills and capacities to improve job retention and advancement.