Director of Sourcing

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Director of Sourcing

This position supports and defines organizational food acquisition goals and inventory management, all directed by a holistic approach of all sourcing points, USDA, Brokers, Manufacturers, Growers, Feeding America, Retailers, among others. The Director, Inventory and Sourcing will create, develop, and direct food acquisition initiatives to ensure continued growth towards healthy food for all Marylanders in need. This position will develop and implement processes to track and manage inventory turns, reduce loss through aging of product, planned inbounds, and physical audits with a goal of 98% accuracy. Additionally, this role will manage the production goals of MFB in the development of food boxes for distribution for various programs into networks across the State.
This position will engage with multi-channel sources in driving the growth of food options according to MFB goals of nutritional foods and our SWAP (Supporting Wellness At Pantries) model.

End date
Opportunity type
Warehouse / Supply Chain / Drivers
Job responsibilities

Product Acquisition
TEFAP – USDA program (The Emergency Feeding Assistance Program)
Farm 2 Food Bank
Retail Recovery Program
Retail stores/Facilitated
Inventory Management
Production Management
Yield development

Other requirements: Attends FA, community, and State events as required.

Develop and oversee sourcing plans based on organizational strategy. Develop and monitor metrics for item velocity through to the network to make best business decisions for the organization and its partner network. Interact with State organizations, Feeding America and other non-profits to understand the needs of the community and direct staff to meet the needs. Meet with growers, manufacturers, distributors, brokers, retailers, and food donors to develop appropriate programs to meet cost objectives and variety of product options across all outbound streams.

Manage inventory accuracy at the macro-level. Drive metrics for inventory turns and loss due to aging. Manage at risk items and drive out to the network through cost reduction or other methods. Develop and manage mechanisms to insure cross-departmental understanding of inventory to reduce loss.

Production Planning
Based on needs of the business direct production plans to insure 100% fill rate for orders of all packed items. Develop production plan with Production Manager and Supervisor to minimize lost time and reduce waste.

Ensure timely payment to vendors, audit invoices, and manage work schedule of vendors to insure proper billing. Perform one to one meeting with staff to provide feedback on performance and keep staff current on direction of the organization. Handle employee concerns. Maintain work orders and plans to keep the facility in like-new condition in the way of cleanliness, appearance, or repairs. Ensure that all safety requirements are met

Application qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field is a plus.
• 5 to 7 years of experience of inventory management, specific to sourcing, to include purchasing experience.
• Understanding of production planning as it applies to improved yields, loss reduction and business planning.
• Solid oral and written communication and presentation skills.
• Experience effectively managing multiple vendors, accounts and/or partners.
• Prior supervisory experience


Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
403b Retirement Plan
Referral Program
Short Term Disability

How to apply

Send cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

About the organization

The Maryland Food Bank is a non-profit organization leading the movement to end hunger in Maryland. We have an extensive network of community and organizational partners across the state that distribute food to the Marylanders who need us.
For more than four decades, the Maryland Food Bank has been our state’s leading food assistance organization, delivering food to underserved communities and marshalling the collective impact of more than 1300 community-based organizations. MFB strives to help the approximately 2 million food-insecure people in Maryland today get access to healthy food, as a means of enabling brighter futures. In late 2018, MFB expanded its core mission to include efforts to address the root causes of hunger, with the goal of helping more Marylanders become financially stable and food secure.

Additional information

Supervisory Responsibility

This position has direct supervisory responsibilities three employees. Additionally, this position has indirect supervisory responsibilities for additional sourcing staff to ensure inventory accuracy, turn rate, and loss through aging, is maintained through proper processes.

Work Environment
The employee will carry out the job duties in a mainly office environment. At times will work in areas with great fluctuation in temperatures and noise. Will be required to work in unheated or non-air-conditioned areas.

The most important qualification for all Maryland Food Bank employees is their commitment to our mission: “Feeding people, strengthening communities, and ending hunger for more Marylanders.”