Director of Finance and IT

Food Bank
Director of Finance and IT

Who You Are: You care deeply about community, about people experiencing hunger and hold them in the center of all that you do. You are committed to apply equity as a process and an outcome of your work to disrupt systemic social patterns that promote hunger such as racism, sexism, and cissexism. You have a strong affinity with OFB’s 10 Year Vision and are profoundly excited to achieve this vision for and with our community.

Position Summary: As the Director of Finance & IT, you will contribute to the organization’s success by leading the finance and IT teams in support of an ambitious strategic plan and annual operating budget of approximately $34 million. You are a deeply knowledgeable and experienced finance professional who is passionate about building highly effective, values-driven mission-critical financial and IT systems. You have led fiscal teams and processes as well as have experience nurturing IT teams and projects. You wake up in the morning eager to build and belong to an effective team, find and tell the story within the numbers, and to participate in making the best decisions to meet our mission. You are known for your ability to think strategically and holistically while driving tactics and projects to fruition, but you also have the ability to get into the details from time to time. You have confidence in your skills and knowledge and the humility to reflect, listen to understand, and be changed. You are self-directed yet flexible and excel in a mission- and deadline-driven environment and a fast-paced culture. You care deeply about people experiencing hunger and hold them in the center of all that you do. Most importantly you demonstrate transparency, equity and inclusivity in all that you do and work with your heart and soul to improve the world.

End date
Opportunity type
Administration (e.g., Finance, IT, HR)
Job responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:
-Provide knowledgeable, informed, strategic and values-driven leadership as a member of the organization’s leadership and the director of the Finance and IT department.
-Be the leader on all things financial for OFB, providing key data for decisions to OFB’s Leadership Team (LT) and the Board and key information for private and government grant funders. Present regular financial reports. Provide analysis, research, and trends evaluation.
-Serve as an active and collaborative member of the Leadership Team, developing organization-wide strategy. Actively model and demonstrate care, vulnerability, perspective and shared accountability as a colleague and supervisor; contribute to a spirit of trust and high morale for the organization; drive results for high impact; and evaluate efficacy and productivity.
-Provide leadership, direction, and professional development for a team of 14, which includes two Associate Directors and OFB’s finance and IT teams. Represent these teams at the Leadership table.
-With the IT Team, develop and propose OFB’s IT strategy and implementation. Ensure a robust IT infrastructure that supports OFB’s mission.
-Develop and oversee an equity-focused work culture that inspires creative problem solving, learning and team building.
-Lead the organization through annual budgeting and mid-year forecasting.
-Manage and coordinate annual audit process (including Single Audit preparation for federal funding), preparation of audited financial statements and notes in accordance with GAAP. Oversee schedule preparation of materials for annual Information Return (IRS Form 990)
-Oversee financial forecasting and modeling for short and long term planning, including cash management.

Oversee accounting systems, practices, policies and investments to assure compliance and efficiencies, including:
-Review of financial software and recommend and implement training, improvements and migration as needed.
-Recording of inventory is in compliance with GAAP and food-banking best practices.
-Accounting for capital assets on a regular basis. Administration of internal control policies, including those required for OMB A-133 compliance for Federal funding subject to Single Audit.
-Accurate and timely filing of all required reports to external agencies and other stakeholders.
-Tax compliance and coordination of Form 990 preparation.
-Maintain relationships with key financial partners, including banking, investment, audit and risk management advisors.
-Ensure adequacy of insurance coverage; manage insurance claims reporting and management
-Oversee all OFB contracts, directing internal processes and permissions, and seeking legal advice as needed.

Organizational level responsibilities of exempt employees include:
-To be an ambassador and a leader for OFB’s vision and mission, a cross-departmental collaborator, and an active contributor to building a movement to end hunger for good. Provides leadership and examples of professional communication and behaviors to OFB standards.

In consultation and coordination with the supervisor, actively contribute to:
-cross-departmental efforts
-work culture activities and programming
-advisory and consultative groups such as the compensation committee, affinity groups, Equity Ambassadors, Equity Think Tank meetings, among others
-plan and engage in professional development activities that strengthen your capacity for your specific role as well as your capacity to contribute and advance organizational goals, OFB’s vision and mission.
Other related duties as assigned.

Application qualifications

-Passion for eliminating hunger and its root causes, including poverty and systemic inequities.
-7 years demonstrated accounting experience.
-Demonstrated experience working effectively with a board and a diverse range of stakeholders in support of managing/reporting large nonprofit organizations.
-At least five years’ experience as a senior manager, with responsibility for staff supervision, development, planning, and budgeting.
-Strategic thinker willing to test new methods and approaches. Demonstrated willingness to reiterate your strategy and approach with the ability to course correct as necessary.
-Strong manager adept at unifying and motivating teams to action in a fast-paced environment.
-Demonstrated project management skills.
-Working knowledge of best, promising, and emerging practices and innovations in the accounting field, regionally and nationally.
-Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information effectively and confidentially.
-An appreciation of, and enthusiasm for, involving staff in understanding and using fiscal knowledge to enhance their programs, decisions and professional growth.
-Experience working cooperatively within and across teams; belief in the value and power of participatory decision-making.
-Outstanding interpersonal skills: good listener and thoughtful respondent; positive influencer; flexible communicator who can adapt to fit cultural context and circumstances.

Organizational level skills and experience for exempt employees include:
-Disposition and willingness to innovate, problem solve, test, fail and adjust.
-Experience in modeling intercultural competence and demonstrated commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice.
-Demonstrated ability to think strategically, take initiative, and to maintain confidentiality.
-Project coordination and organization skills; ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail; meet deadlines, ability to handle interruptions, and produce timely, accurate work.
-Self–directed, meets benchmarks and checks assumptions about results and end goals. Ability to work independently and as part of a team; provides role clarity, shows willingness to support others to build momentum and share success, comfortable working in an office environment and offsite.
-Ability to thrive in a creative, responsive, and fast-paced culture.

Preferred Qualifications:
-Lived experience of inequity/oppression and connections to marginalized communities.
-CPA Certification preferred.
-Food banking/non-profit experience preferred.
-Bilingual and/or multi-cultural.

Organizational level preferred qualifications of exempt employees include:
-Multilingual skills at a minimum professional level of proficiency or greater in English and any additional language/s, defined as being able to speak the languages with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical and professional topics.
-Multicultural skills of adaptation and integration are strongly preferred.
-Adaptation is defined as the capacity to communicate and interact with people of multiple cultures, backgrounds, and styles by incorporating and adapting to the world view and perspectives of others.
-Integration is defined as being able to “code-switch” or move in and out of one's worldview and help others understand different cultures, backgrounds, and styles to promote diversity and inclusion.
-Commitment to continued professional development to strengthen capacity to work through an equity lens for equity and racial justice.
-Strong capacity to consider multiple perspectives, to pivot to respond to emerging needs and lead through organizational changes.
-Personal living/lived experience of hunger and/or systemic inequity/oppression.


Comprehensive and competitive package provided.

How to apply

Please apply directly through the website at

About the organization

Who We Are: Oregon Food Bank (OFB) believes that no one should be hungry. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. We believe that food and health are basic human rights for all. We know that hunger is not just an individual experience; it is also a community-wide symptom of systemic barriers to employment, education, housing and health care such as systemic racism, sexism, and cissexism. That’s why we work systemically to achieve our mission to end hunger: we foster community connections to help people access nutritious food, and we build community power and strengthen networks of support and the safety net to eliminate the root causes of hunger for good.

We build community power to dismantle systems and policies that drive hunger and poverty.

Oregon Food Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we strongly encourage applications from candidates who can increase the diversity of our organization and strengthen our capacity to eliminate hunger. We believe strongly in the power of lived experience — and we actively seek individuals who have experienced hunger and its root causes to join our team. Our organization is stronger because of the leadership of people who have faced food insecurity in their own lives and/or hail from historically under-represented communities. Learn more about our commitment at

Additional information

Applications accepted through December 12, 2021. A cover letter is required for consideration. This position is currently remote through December 2021 and will then be hybrid. The pay range for this role is $104,287 - $140,785. In anticipation of the upcoming OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 Vaccination, proof of COVID vaccination status will be required.

The Fine Print:
Work environment:
∗Work is performed in a variety of office environments and other locations inside and outside of Oregon Food Bank while using a telephone and sitting at a computer screen for extended periods.
∗May lift, move, and carry objects of about 20 pounds, such as boxes, materials, and other supplies. ∗Frequent travel by car to points outside the greater Portland metro area, with overnight stays 6-8 times a year, as well as work outside normal working hours, such as evenings and weekends.
∗Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or qualifying medical or religious exception and compliance with regular testing required.

Background Check: This position does require a criminal background check. Criminal background checks may be required for the following reasons:
Insurance requirement: Third-party contractual requirement/s
Job duties requirements include unsupervised administration of cash or other liquid assets.
Job duties include unaccompanied work with minors, elders, or anyone legally unable to consent to touch, discipline, or sexual contact.
A criminal record unrelated to theft, assault, or sexual violence may not make you ineligible to work at Oregon Food Bank. We actively support all our staff in developing relevant skills and capacities to improve job retention and advancement.

Inclement Weather, Service Disruptions and Disaster Response expectations: OFB is part of the regional disaster response network and, as part of our commitment to our community, we all are expected to report to work as soon as it’s safe to do so and to respond to the disaster, emergency, inclement weather or extended service disruption as needed and as possible. To this effect we have teams with different levels of response and support. This role is internally classified as part of the Mobile Team, which means that:
Mobile Team (or Remote Team): Ensure work continuity working remotely with applicable regular pay.
Note: Regardless of team classifications our staff is supported to prioritize their safety and those of their dependents, families and loved ones while in communication and coordination with supervisors.

1. Exempt classification refers to employees who earn a salary rather than an hourly rate for the work they do instead of the number of hours they take to complete the task. Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime pay or minimum wage. They; 1) Supervise two or more full-time employees or four part-time employees regularly; 2) Are responsible for managing at least part of a business; 3) Play an important role in the job status of other employees, including hiring and delegating tasks; or 1) Perform office or non-manual work directly related to the business operations or management of an organization and its customers; and 2) Exercise independent judgment and discretion over important business decisions.