Chief Philanthropy Officer

Colorado Springs
Chief Philanthropy Officer

The Chief Philanthropy Officer (CPO) is charged with leading an experienced, high-functioning team to secure the resources and partnerships needed to meet our ambitious goals. Care and Share anticipates fundraising revenues more than of $10,000,000 for 2023; the CPO will oversee the growth in general fundraising revenue by using a methodical strategy that will engage donors in a meaningful way. Beyond the day-to-day fundraising efforts, this position is also a key member of an executive management team that digs deeply into issues of strategic importance and must increasingly build thriving links and daily collaboration between departmental functions.

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Fundraising / Development
Job responsibilities

Responsibilities and Expectations:

The CPO is responsible for strengthening a fundraising strategy and process that engages and maximizes a portfolio of high-level prospects from all sources, and for providing leadership, direction, and coaching to the team.

This position reports to the President & CEO of Care and Share and oversees a team of ten staff members. The specific responsibilities of this role fall into these primary areas:

1. Leader of the Philanthropy Team
a. Lead the team in identifying and prioritizing prospects to boost fundraising results.
b. Model effective prospect strategy and engagement, and coach and prepare others to participate as a team in fundraising visits.
c. Facilitate regular philanthropy team meetings to ensure accountability and progress to fundraising goals.
d. Provide high-level leadership and coaching to the team to empower them, and help them stretch and grow, in meeting their fundraising goals.
e. Provide strategic thinking and direction to strengthen fundraising processes, reporting, and related systems.
f. Integrate marketing, grant writing, stewardship, and events into the overall fundraising strategy.

2. Owner of a fundraising portfolio
a. The CPO will own a small number of high-level prospects and/or current donors, to contribute to the overall revenue goal, and to model for the team.
b. Work with the President & CEO to optimize their impact. Using their knowledge and contacts in the community to leverage fundraising activities. Scheduling and preparing her for meetings where their presence is important.
c. Conduct prospect research, analysis, and strategy. Plan and strategize about prospect predisposition and visits, including engaging leadership, board members, and supporters as needed.
d. Visit with prospects and make asks, sometimes leading, and sometimes supporting.
e. Manage prospect follow-up activities, coordinating with the team to close gifts.

3. Member of the Management Team
a. Participate in strategic planning and budgeting toward Care and Share’s vision and future goals.
b. Collaborate to identify high-impact programs for funding, and opportunities to build partnerships with corporate, foundation, and government entities.
c. Work together to build an integrated philanthropy and marketing pipeline and process, creating shared goals across these teams.
d. Build strong relationships with internal support teams, to ensure effective tools are in place, such as CRM databases, and financial tracking, budgeting and forecasting.

Application qualifications

Ideal Candidate Profile:

This position is meant for a true player/coach in the fundraising arena – someone who has been highly successful in engaging donors and closing gifts through one-on-one conversations, and who can translate those successes into modeling and coaching a team to work a similar relationship-building and results-oriented process. Key aspects of the ideal candidate include:

1. A track record of leading a team to success, especially through a significant fundraising campaign. This person is an expert orchestrator of team and tasks – this person has a true knack for facilitating purposeful, dynamic team meetings that help people move forward and collaborate to remove roadblocks. This is a person who creates the right level of accountability to goals – actionable, yet keeps people out of the weeds. They have effectively managed teams, building a strong “team selling” culture using process and systems to support momentum, and helping team members play to their strengths.

2. Deep experience fundraising through one-on-one engagements. This is someone who enjoys telling a great story, listening and engaging with empathy, being bold in making asks, and persisting to get results. In particular, the right candidate has done these things in a collaborative environment, putting effective systems in place that build a culture of data-driven decision-making and performance management, and creating an exciting vision and strategy for the team to follow.

3. A coaching mentality – which means prioritizing the sense of team at all levels, while also leading the team by listening, coaching, and empowering them to solve problems and take on greater challenges, to invest in their growth. This is a person who has also prioritized their own personal and professional development and has a lifelong commitment to learning and seeking out feedback.

4. A silo-buster – who has helped build bridges between teams (and even within them) and knows how to hold the tension between advocating for their own team and keeping the larger organizational vision as the highest priority. This person may have gained perspective from leading other functional teams in the past, such as marketing, communications, or operations; or has served as an Executive Director or business owner and has seen all the elements at play.

5. A partnership orientation – with a deep knowledge that we are better together, rather than in competition. This person has created opportunities for mutual partnership between seemingly conflicting groups and is energized by the hard work of collaboration. This is someone who may have played a role in shifting corporate or institutional funding (and culture) into a true partnership model, working toward a common goal.

6. A love of navigating change – the ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a changing environment, and in helping their team adapt and adjust – in a calm and strategic way. This person has been in high-growth organizations and enjoys helping them mature to handle new levels of complexity and vision.


Compensation and Benefits:

• Pay Range: $125,000-$150,000 per year
• Benefits Include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life/Disability Insurance, PTO, 401k match

Care and Share is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity. We prohibit unlawful discrimination against applicants or employees on the basis of age 40 and over, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, military status, genetic information, sexual orientation or any other status protected by applicable state or local law.

How to apply

If interested, please respond with a cover letter and resume to [email protected].