Chief Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Officer

Oklahoma City
Chief Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Officer

This is a new position that provides the opportunity to create, lead and evaluate programs that ensure employees at all levels of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma have an inclusive place to work and learn, regardless of their race, gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability.
The Chief Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access Officer will build partnerships with diverse organizations and community groups to garner support and with persons at all levels of the Regional Food Bank including executive leadership to guide the organization’s inclusion strategy and initiatives.
This position will also train and educate, enhance diversity and inclusion efforts across the organization, such as ensuring the Regional Food Bank employment brand and employee life cycle reflect the highest standards of diversity.
The ideal candidate is a visionary leader, creative thinker, problem-solver, partnership builder and someone who possesses exceptional analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.

Opportunity type
Executive Director / CEO / Other C-Level Executives
Job responsibilities

•    Analyze and interpret workforce demographic data to include an assessment of demographics at various levels of the organization as compared to the labor market statistics for the Regional Food Bank’s service area. 
•    Communicate frequently with the organization’s officers, department directors, community groups and other stakeholders to understand the unique needs of the workforce and identify and implement diversity and inclusion strategies to meet those needs.
•    Develop and implement specific strategies to recruit, hire, retain and engage a qualified, diverse and high-performing workforce.
•    Develop and deliver cultural competency and inclusion-related educational programs, workshops and other presentations for small and large groups.
•    Facilitate and foster a culture of inclusiveness.
•    Coordinate and facilitate relevant training for top leadership and staff.
•    Consult with the Communications & Marketing team to ensure a clear philosophy and vision about inclusion and diversity within the organization is articulated in all promotional materials, use of inclusive language and to ensure photographs and illustrations depict multiple demographic groups at all levels of the organization.
•    Assess employee engagement and satisfaction. 
•    Establish employee resource groups to identify and discuss recruitment, promotions, transfers, training and other challenges and identify strategies to address those challenges.
•    Perform a variety of administrative functions in support of diversity and inclusion efforts within the Regional Food Bank. 
•    Supervise and/or coordinate activities of professional and administrative support employees


Application qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
•    Life experience living in and or collaborating with diverse communities and environments. 
•    Professional experience developing and implementing a broad-based diversity and inclusion strategic plan. 
•    Program development, implementation and evaluation.  
•    Supervising and/or coordinating the activities of professional and administrative support staff. 
•    Professional experience in facilitating group discussions.
•    Developing and delivering education programs, workshops and other presentations for small and large groups.  
•    Verbal and written communication using tact and diplomacy. 
•    Analyzing large quantities of data and reaching sound conclusions. 
•    Use of computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access to produce professional reports, create spreadsheets and analyze data. 
•    Apply principles of logical thinking to solve practical problems. 
•    Maintain confidentiality. 
•    Ability and willingness to establish and maintain effective working relationships. 
•    Communicate with diverse groups, while demonstrating empathy and understanding in situations concerning sensitive matters. 
•    Make work-related decisions and assume responsibility for decisions made. 
•    Ability to travel. 
•    Other job-related education and/or experience may be substituted for part of the basic requirements.
•    Group facilitation


Education and Work Experience: 

•    Possession of diversity and inclusion certifications (training will be provided for individual hired if certifications are not obtained).
•    Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology, Sociology or other related field.
•    Knowledge of human resources administration which may include SHRM or HRCI certification.
•    Knowledge of federal and state employment laws and regulations. 

Core Values:  

•    Vitality – the force that drives us forward with energy and enthusiasm 
o    Communication – transparent & honest, cross-team, respectful, listens, provides feedback & perspective
o    Development – performance management, coaching/mentoring, training, clear objectives, valuable work, supports available
o    Teamwork – feedback, conflict resolution, collaborates, appreciates different perspectives, shares credit
•    Innovation – the spirit that drives us to pursue and initiate creative solutions
o    Customer Service – responsive, attentive, clear communication, reflective listening, problem-solving
o    Strategic Thinking – uses multiple pieces of information and data to address problems and identify solutions, understands, processes and applies complex information
•    Stewardship – the commitment that drives us to care for the mission and resources
o    Accountability – personal responsibility, follow-through, integrity, transparency, meets deadlines
o    Inclusion – actively pursuing equal access to opportunities and resources for all staff, sense of belonging, sense of support
o    Productivity – efficient, meets goals and deadlines, effective decision-making using data, experience & input of others
o    Safety support – follows safety guidelines, models safety, addresses safety concerns promptly

How to apply

Please visit the RFBO career site

Additional information

Physical Demands: 

•    The company will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.
•    Utilize multi-limb coordination and flexibility combined with control precision to perform fine motor skills including finger manipulation, grasping, feeling, arm-hand steadiness, in order to push, pull or lift objects
•    Exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects, including the human body.
•    Work involves sitting most of the time but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time. 
•    Utilizes multi-limb coordination to balance on even surfaces, stoop, kneel, stand, walk, reach over shoulders or below the knees. 
•    Must employ the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by the company’s environmental, health and safety policies.

Work Environment: 

•    Environmentally controlled with no exposure to extreme changes in the weather and limited exposure to humidity/moisture relative to atmospheric condition variations.
•    No exposure to dust, chemicals, gases, fumes, smoke, excessive noise and/or vibrations
•    Work generally performed in an office environment.
•    Travel may be required for assignments, meetings and training.
•    Overtime, weekend and/or holiday hours may be required.
*Duties and responsibilities may be added or changed at any time at the discretion of your supervisor, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.