Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for all aspects of financial planning, reporting, managing accounting and financial products, and overseeing the IT activities of each East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) location. This position provides leadership and coordination in the administrative, business planning, accounting, audit, and budgeting efforts for the ETFB. Reporting to the CEO and partnering with the Senior Leadership Team, the CFO plays a critical role in developing and implementing the financial initiatives to support the ETFB strategic plan for the service area. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the CFO consults with the department directors and officers, evaluating and assisting them with their financial plans and economic modeling.

End date
Opportunity type
Administration (e.g., Finance, IT, HR)
Job responsibilities


•    Assess organizational performance against the annual budget and the ETFB’s long-term strategy. Develop tools maintain milestones, metrics and dashboards in conjunction with our strategic plan that provide financial and operational information to the CEO with recommendations on strategy and operations.
•    Establish yearly financial objectives and Board Finance Committee meeting agendas that includes issues and trends. Engage outside consultants as necessary. Makes presentations to the Finance Committee and participates in Board meetings.
•    Oversee long-term budgetary planning and costs management in alignment with the
ETFB’s strategic plan, especially as the organization considers potential acquisitions, and collaboration with external organizations.
•    Improve operational systems, processes and policies in support of the ETFB’s mission -- specifically, support effective management reporting, information management flow, business process and organizational planning.
•    Identify gaps to achieving the ETFB’s long term strategy and develop plans to address such gaps.
•    Responsible for ensuring that the ETFB’s annual financial audit, Single Audit, and other required individual audits are completed in a timely manner and without findings.
•    Coordinate audits required by grantors and the Board. Maintains federal and state compliance on grants administration with coordinated efforts of the Senior Leadership Team. Lead the ETFB budget planning process ensuring coordination between departments, aligning the budget and the strategic plan.
•    Prepare an annual budget that meets the strategic goals of the ETFB. Manage the fiscal budgeting process and set timelines for completion.
•    Support to management in the development of line item budgets and assisting staff in understanding and utilizing budgets.
•    Monitor and recommend budget adjustments as required during the fiscal year.

•    Ensure that the ETFB’s financial and accounting systems are operating in accordance with GAAP standards; that the ETFB is financially solvent; and that the ETFB financial systems and controls are adequate to protect the assets.
•    Create, coordinate, and evaluate the financial applications and supporting information systems to include budgeting, planning, and asset management.
•    Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal authorities.
•    Prepare financial statements, forecasts and other reports as determined necessary.
•    Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards.
•    Provide support to planning initiatives through financial and management information analyses and reports.
•    Develop a forecasting model and oversee monthly and quarterly reviews and forecasts of financial performance against budget and financial goals. Oversee short and long-term financial and managerial reporting.
•    Manage grantor contracts and reimbursement requests.
•    Develop, maintain and monitor fundraising and accounting systems and procedures that capture all pledges, billings and receipts. Recommend and implement improvements to systems for the recording of all revenue transactions.
•    Develop and maintain system for purchasing and payables, utilizing standard business practices.
•    Maintain security of all banking forms, check stock, vouchers.
•    Maintain reconciliations for investment accounts, investment strategies within company policy and act as a liaison to appropriate committees and the Senior Leadership Team.
•    In accordance with GAAP, maintain all records through a coordinated document management system.
•    Maintain fixed asset and depreciation records.
•    Maintain prepaid schedules and records.
•    Coordinate with the Development department & other program managers as needed, to understand the accounting requirements and to maintain grant records that enables monthly and/or quarterly reporting to grantors.
•    Create a master plan for facilities and technology needs (hardware, software, network and internet, phone system, intranet, improvements, equipment, vehicles, etc.) to meet the growing needs of the company.
•    Ensure that the ETFB has accountable policies and practices in place, and that they are followed in purchasing, procurement, accounting, inventory and fundraising activities.
•    Assess plans for purchase, replacement and maintenance of the ETFB equipment and inventory. Ensure appropriate maintenance of inventory records.
•    Oversee the ETFB insurance policies, General liability, Vehicle, and Board Liability
•    Maintain all contracts.
•    Responsible for accurate accounting of all grants, campaign pledges and the timely payments against those pledges. Responsible for ensuring restrictions and reporting to donors is accurate, complete and timely
•    Responsible for all aspects of construction accounting as the ETFB moves forward with expansion or construction of new facilities.

Application qualifications


A.    Education, Experience, and Training
•    Bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited by an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Accounting or Finance degree required. Graduate level degree preferred.
•    Current and valid CPA preferred.
•    Fifteen year’s full-time, wage-earning experience in financial management (non-profit accounting experience preferred).
•    Five year’s Controller experience required.
•    Working knowledge and demonstrated experience working with non-profits and capital campaigns preferred.
•    Experience in the food distribution industry with inventory experience preferred.

B.    Knowledge and Skills
•    Demonstrated knowledge in financial management, government grants management, risk management, and planning and forecasting.
•    Strong analytical and organizations skills.
•    Demonstrated proficiency in various modular based Accounting Software. (MIP, Sage, Great Plains, etc.).
•    Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills, in particular, the ability to understand and organize detailed information and to write about or talk extemporaneously on that information.
•    Ability to work independently with minimal supervision to achieve deadlines.
•    Must have a strong ethical character, good judgment and discretion; capable of handling confidential and financial information.
•    Ability to juggle multiple projects with attention to detail and accuracy while adhering to deadlines in a high-energy, fast-paced environment.
•    Ability to work effectively with other staff and volunteers and network with other Foodbank, Feeding Texas and Feeding America financial staff.

How to apply

Submit cover letter and resume to Comelita Neal, at [email protected]