Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley is seeking a Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director to lead what has become the largest regional charity in South Texas. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director directs the development, implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of the Food Bank RGV. As the leader, chief administrative officer, and public face of the Food Bank RGV, s/he is responsible for both the internal and external health of the organization, including oversight of personnel, budgets, and programs, as well as the management of relationships with donors, affiliates, and public officials. The Executive Director seeks in all of these dimensions to set a standard of exceptional community service that saves lives.

End date
Opportunity type
Executive Director / CEO / Other C-Level Executives
Job responsibilities

The Executive Director’s specific responsibilities include:
Strategic and Operational Leadership
Board Relations
+ Partner with the Board of Directors to develop and update the Food Bank RGV’s strategic goals and budgets, facilitating the adoption of ambitious and achievable targets for community impact and growth.
+ Participate actively in conferences, meetings, and other professional development activities that support agency management and share relevant knowledge and skills with Board members.
+ Support effective decision-making by apprising Board members in a timely fashion of all trends, resources, developments, and challenges that may impact the Food Bank RGV’s short- and long-term activities and by identifying potential responses and solutions.
+ Interpret and implement the Food Bank RGV bylaws, standards, and policies, periodically analyzing for effectiveness and suggesting revisions where appropriate.
+ Identify, recruit, and actively engage Board members and other high-level volunteers in the work of the Food Bank RGV.
Staff Leadership
+ Clearly articulate the Food Bank RGV’s mission to staff and serve as an outstanding role model for its effective execution.
+ Establish organization-wide hiring priorities and ensure staff skills are aligned with assigned responsibilities and organizational goals.
+ Attract and retain a talented team, promoting a positive work environment that fosters effective individual and organizational accomplishment.
+ Direct the creation of appropriate onboarding procedures and opportunities for continued professional
growth, with a focus on sustaining excellence, integrity, and an organization-wide embrace of change.
+ Establish and enhance a system of employee evaluation that motivates, provides recognition and rewards for accomplishments, and ensures accountability for goals.
+ Administer personnel policies and compensation packages as established by the Board of Directors.
Financial Management
+ Prepare annual income projections and an expense budget and present to the Board of Directors for review and approval.
+ Provide regular financial reports to the Board, including an accounting of income/expenses, funds available, and the overall financial health of the organization.
+ Manage funds according to policies established by the Board and approve cash, equipment, and facilities expenditures within budget parameters.

+ Follow current standards of financial accountability and implement policies to ensure adequate internal financial controls and a fiscally sound organization.
+ Establish and maintain appropriate systems for the preservation of records.
Program Management
+ Develop and maintain a robust support system for Food Bank RGV members that encompasses training, technical assistance, monitoring, and facilitation of participation in network-wide activities.
+ Assure the adoption of and faithful adherence to all healthy and safety standards in the inspection, handling, storage, and distribution of donated items.
+ Continually evaluate and enhance operational procedures integral to Food Bank RGV’s collection and distribution systems, including monitoring procedures for evaluating effectiveness.
+ Identify technologies to improve Food Bank RGV’s efficiency and effectiveness and promote their adoption throughout the organization.
+ Oversee compliance with all grants and contracts, ensuring funds are used for activities as directed.
Stakeholder and Public Relations
Fundraising and Marketing
+ Provide strategic vision for the Food Bank RGV’s comprehensive fundraising activities; develop and
present that vision to the Board in annual fundraising plans that are designed to increase contributed income and achieve strategic goals.
+ Lead the identification of potential new sources of gifts, particularly from foundations and corporations; coordinate the engagement, cultivation, and solicitation of prospects through both one-on-one relationship-building and the submission of formal proposals.
+ Serve as a primary relationship manager for major donors, providing attentive stewardship that promotes positive relationships and deepens commitment.
+ Investigate and develop comprehensive strategies to increase in-kind donations of goods and services.
+ Oversee integrated public education and media relations that heighten awareness of Food Bank RGV’s mission and accomplishments and support fundraising efforts.
+ Serve as the Food Bank RGV’s chief spokesperson in appearances, interviews, and other public forums,
becoming a recognized and compelling voice for efforts to reduce hunger.
Community Outreach
+ Serve as the Food Bank RGV’s official liaison to Feeding America and Feeding Texas and the authorized representative at those organizations’ meetings.
+ Develop and maintain working relationships with other community and governmental agencies whose work is related to the Food Bank RGV’s mission and growth.
+ Participate actively in relevant community organizations, civic institutions, and professional societies to take advantage of all opportunities to promote awareness of the Food Bank RGV.
+ Oversee and engage in advocacy of policies and initiatives, at both the federal and state levels, that would help reduce hunger in Texas communities and across the country.

Application qualifications

The ideal Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director will be a confident leader with a sophisticated ability to mobilize people on behalf of a public service mission. The Executive Director will have a record of engaging diverse communities of stakeholders, including Board members, staff, donors, partners, and affiliates, inspiring and empowering them to achieve strategic initiatives in a growth environment. S/he will combine excellent leadership skills with a practiced eye for operational efficiency and effectiveness that supports an effective team. The Executive Director’s specific qualifications include:
+ 15 years of progressively responsible experience, including at least 3 years in a leadership role within non-profit organizations.
+ Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree or evidence of continued professional development is preferred.
Skills and Experience
+ Knowledge of principles and best practices of non-profit management, including familiarity with Board governance and ability to build productive working relationships with Board members.
+ Record of anticipating opportunities and leading the development of operating plans that successfully align day-to-day activities with long-term strategic goals; experience overseeing operations in organizations with complex logistics (e.g., extensive supply/distribution chains, large volunteer networks, etc.) is desirable.
+ Demonstrated ability to assess and oversee the implementation of comprehensive internal systems—including HR policies and technologies—that foster a sense of purpose and teamwork and elevate performance against established benchmarks.
+ Significant experience serving as a public representative of an organization to a wide range of stakeholders, including donors, community groups and organizations, and news media.
+ Record of pursuing creative revenue-generating initiatives and/or investments and of personally securing support and donations.
+ Excellent communication skills in all registers, from formal writing to public speaking; communication skills in Spanish as well as English are useful.
+ Knowledge of regional culture and philanthropic communities in South Texas is useful.
Personal Characteristics and Leadership Style
+ Comfort with change within organizations and sectors and tolerance for calculated risk in response to evolving opportunities.
+ Exceptional interpersonal skills—including diplomacy, sensitivity, and ability to listen—that inspire confidence and trust among stakeholders and partners.
+ Excellent initiative and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple competing priorities while maintaining standards of excellence.
+ Driven by the importance of public service and committed to an unfailing standard of excellence worthy of a public mission.

How to apply

Email resume to [email protected]